Moving Forward in March

Today marked the middle of March. I am so happy that March is halfway done. Moving forward in March can be a bit tricky. There looms some of that spiritual set up energy still hanging around from the New Year. But as I move forward, I am purging out the energies that are still trying to get in my way. As those spiritual energies are purged and merged into our Universe, I am able to move forward again. There is room to breathe and feel good. Once those spirits are gone it is easy to know that everything is going to be just fine. Those spirits were covering up my real life and trying to take me someplace else. That used to happen a long time ago, but not now.

Moving forward is a very important concept and crucial part of Universe Family Healing. Spiritual purging allows us to move forward to the places we long to be. Instead of being stuck in a spiritual game and falling down, the energies are purged away allowing freedom to go forth. So, moving forward is what we do as healing progresses. It is a natural result of this amazing healing phenomenon. Purging the spirits from our bodies and homes allows this phenomenon to happen. We are safe because we have a strong Universe connection that cannot be destroyed.

This powerful Universe connection prevents Universe Family Healers everywhere from falling down. I use the term falling down to describe what happens when spirits are in full control.  Once there is a Universe connection well established it is virtually impossible for a Universe Family Healer to fall down. This means that as we heal and purge those spirit energies, we will not experience hardship, disease, or traumas anymore. Only the right things happen at the right time.

However, there are those highly negative spiritual people all over our planet who cannot tolerate Universe Family Healing. Their bodies are entirely spiritually controlled and once they are connected to our Universe, they themselves are purged and fall down. They experience all kinds of things. They are the criminals of our world. They are brought to justice and sent to prison where they die. They become overcome with diseases that their spirit caused. All of these negative things happen to highly spiritual people. In the end they just die and their energies are all purged into our Universe. 

Moving forward and falling down are exact opposites of each other. It is important to understand what each term means and how it works in our healing world. Universe Family Healing is allowing for so much truth telling and justice being served these days, especially in places that have never had that happen (ie Catholic Church). All of the highly negative places and people are naturally purged by our Universe. As a result of this healing process planet Earth is a living planet that is safe, healthy, and growing smaller all of the time.