Universe Family Healer Takes Control of the Dead Months

Did you know that many years ago, too many to remember, our calendar consisted of only 10 months. That is why the names of the months are as they are. December was the 10th and last month. “Decem” is the latin root for 10. Then someone named Pope Gregory XIII decided to change things and added 2 months at the beginning. This is why we have the twelve months now representing a calendar year.

Actually this was a very spiritually controlled change as all things were in the dark ages. Those ancient religions were all very nasty and negative and they still are. I look at how the pope dresses today and all I see is decaying death around him. I cannot believe that in this day and age, he still wears those robes. It is very clear how stuck most of the world has been.

The 2 months were added to ensure that spiritual control remained intact. Our entire planet still adheres to this same calendar year. January and February are very negative months. Without those months, winter would not exist. Those two months are why we have the extremely cold weather of today. February is a very bad month. That month is highly negative with holidays and rituals. A lot of stalking behaviors occur during the month of February.

As February approaches this year, I have full control of any events going on. I have purged the month already and made it to be a rather empty, uneventful time. It is a month that should not exist. It is short. It is not important. For me, the month of February was always difficult to live through. Not now, not anymore. I can easily live through a February and continue to purge out this negative month until it no longer exists. I know that in the future all of the spiritual controls over our times will be eliminated. The current calendars will not exist anymore. The holiday and ritual events fade out and are ignored.

As our world continues to heal, many spiritually controlled setups are purged away. We will not really pay attention to what goes on in other parts of our planet. Everyone minds their own business and returns to their homelands. No one will be controlled by spiritual activities ever again. In Europe there is a very negative force still in control. But even there purging will change what happened long ago. Spirits have never been purged. I cannot understand why this never happened, but it is happening the right way now.

Valentine’s Day is the one big setup by the spirits to try and keep people in negative relationships. It is a very bad holiday. That one goes away for sure. The others are dead Presidents’ birthdays which also will disappear from view. It all changes gradually back because those spiritual layers that were stuck like glue get purged over time. Our Universe naturally removes spirits and keeps them away from humans.

As time goes on we will see a return to a 10 month calendar, then gradually no calendar. This change is because the spiritual worlds are finally getting purged on the Universe and cannot control what we say or do any more. February is the most negative time in our history. It will be the first to go.

Universe humans do not need to keep track of birthdays etc. That is something only the spirits created. All that goes away as our world transforms to a living planet once again.

Moving forward into the dead month of February, so easily done.