Waiting Patiently as My World Changes

I have done so much waiting. I have been so patient. I know good things are about to happen. I am preparing for that. Still waiting. Purging all the time.

Universe Time is real. And very powerful too. There is a lot of waiting for the right time. But it happens. Amazing. All of the waiting is done to purge out the spirits so that only the right things happen.

So, instead of running around I sit. I stop and rest and purge. I face the sun. I do a lot of this everyday, all year long and my world opens up.

And the rest of this planet Earth and the people who live here are moving all of the time. Not sitting and slowing down. Not purging. So they are not living a real life. They are living a spiritual one. They are not purging their own personal spirit worlds. But I do.

I purge and wait and talk very little these days. I wait for the right time to finally be here. That is what I do right now. I wait.