Universe Time Means Spirits Die and Humans Live

I guess there has never really been a Universe Time before now. I created this term because it means our Universe is in control. When the Universe is in control it can automatically purge spirits from humans. There is no other way to get rid of the spirits. Once you have connected your spiritual world to the Universe, the spirits are constantly purging and being pulled away from you. It is like an automatic vacuum sweeper. Our outside atmosphere is like that. In our outside atmosphere is our Universe’s highly magnetic energy current which moves southeast all of the time. 

But in order to get yourself on Universe Time and out of Spirit Time, you must get that connection going with the outside atmosphere. You must get away from that negative world you are living in right now. As you leave that negative environment, your body can automatically purge the spirit layers that have controlled your life. You do not need to go to a healer to do this. Spiritual healers are frauds and will gladly take your money and not get you connected to our Universe.

Spiritual worlds are just connections of spirits around each human. We all have spiritual worlds around us. I am saying this as a fact. No one escaped being consumed by spirit control. And when you are around other humans these spirit worlds interact. That is how bad neighborhoods and workplaces and schools, etc. develop. Spirits have been allowed to create massive networks of negative energy connections interacting all of the time, unchecked.  And so these spirits are parasites of living creatures. Spirits can also live around animals too, like cats and dogs. But spirits cannot live by themselves and must have a living host to exist. Therefore they are parasites.

Our living world was definitely on the dying track with spirits in full control. Spiritual worlds cause disease and death. It is too bad that the scientific community does not accept or acknowledge the reality of spiritual energy. I doubt if it ever will. Scientists are highly spiritual and will never admit that spirit energy is controlling them in their day-to-day activities. A lot of research these days is because of the spiritual worlds around scientists and totally ridiculous and unnecessary.

The scientific community cannot do anything to get rid of spirits. All that happens in Universe Time is a gradual one direction reduction in the scientific community. And that includes the medical profession as well. It is clear to see what areas of humankind got highly infested and are slowly decaying away overtime. I am able to see this easily now. But I do not interact at all with any of those people. I simply observe them. I do not engage myself on any social networks. All are extremely negative and highly spiritual.

Universe Time is in full control. This is important because we want to have our living world intact and safe. And so does our Universe. We are the only living planet anywhere. There is no other life out there in outer space. Those people at NASA are really crazy people. I laugh everyday at what they say they are doing and seeing in outer space. They are really science fiction writers these days.

Today I wanted to reaffirm the reality of Universe Time and the removal process of spiritual energy from our living world. It was a nasty infestation that has been here for the ages. But spirit time is over.

I am a real Universe Family Healer and I will always be here. I am not a vessel for the spirits. They simply come to me and immediately are purged and merged with the Universe, our outside atmosphere which is highly magnetic and so powerful. Spirits cannot live here anymore here on Earth, the planet of Universe Family Healers. Now all spirits are being sent on their Universe Journeys and as a result good humans will live. I like that result much better. We have had enough of our spiritual journeys. That is definitely over.