Everything is Going The Right Way Here in Yuma AZ

Are you on Universe Time? Do you understand Universe time?

Universe Time: The time in our history when spirits are purged forever from our planet Earth. 

Now, for me I know everything is totally happening the right way. I am so sure it is. I am 100% positive that Universe Time is in absolute control of my world. Thank Goodness! I know that my family is also feeling the wonderful effects of Universe Time. There is nothing bad going on here. I am just going with the flow and soon I will be so excited and happy that we are all back together. I am not and cannot do anything wrong, make mistakes etc. I am guided by my own feelings of the day. It is wonderful!

But, I see other people doing wrong things around me. I see the results of what they do. I see them leaving one way or another. I see cars towed away, etc. I see police around here. The bad people are not getting away with anything here where I live. I am the observer and watch everyday what happens as a result of Universe Time. It is definitely the fun part of Universe Family Healing. And I have been waiting so long for this to finally happen. It will never change back.

The bad people are not allowed to do their negative activities during Universe Time. They cannot continue to exist! Their spirit energies are purged so fast now and they have no power left. Once their spirit energies are merged with the Universe they are left to deal with their problems and issues legally. They have no more protection.  Everyone sees them for who they really are.

Spiritual Time is so over for me. As we move forward in Universe Time, the spirits will just be remembered as a bad time in our history. We will not be bothered with spirits anymore.

Universe Family Healing has gotten rid of the spirit problem. Good riddance!