The Technology of Automobiles, etc.

Technology is slowly fading out. I can see it happening in various places on our planet. It is a good thing to see technology leaving. I mean, like cars and computers etc. We have lived through a time of extreme dependence on technology. This time is going away. Cars are slowly leaving. The automobiles will be disassembled and reused in various ways. But less and less are being made! Finally there is a downward trend here.

However, I still see cars everywhere here in Yuma clogging up the neighborhoods. I see junk cars everywhere just sitting and not being removed. Seems like it has been a big problem here for a long time. Now hopefully that will change. Negative energy keeps the junkyards intact. But that energy is leaving because I am here.

I have also noticed how little I use my computer these days. I used to be a heavy user. I no longer have a PC. I only have a small Samsung Chromebook. It serves me well. I find that I can still do what I need to do and let it go. I do not have a cable internet company. Instead I use my cell phone as a hotspot. These changes have happened over the past few years naturally because of Universe Time.

So, I guess that all of the technology stuff was a result of the negative world controlling everything. As the Universe removes technology setups, more people will be like me I am sure. I may never own a car again. I may just let that go. It is something I do not see value in right now. I may feel differently in another year but I do not think so. I am very happy without the responsibility of a car. I find other ways to get around. My world adjusts.

Automobiles will be around still for some time. There will be good activities for them and then when those activities are done the autos are purged. That is what happens On the Universe to the automobile.  The trend continues until automobiles are gone.

As April ends, I see a new approach to how I can live comfortably and safely here in Yuma. I know that I am never going to have any difficulties here because I am from here. It is easy for me to live in Yuma, AZ. I am home and now I can just be me.