As This Year Ends, I Simply Purge 2017 Completely…

I am not among the people out there who are so busy trying to keep it all going. This time of year has become a layered mess of spirit energies. I lived through it for a long time. I let it go as I was able to. Now this time of year is simply the end of a year. I do nothing different really. But, I do enjoy a few shopping trips and sales. I do not engage in holiday activities anymore as I have purged out that spiritual part of me. I do not feel bad or sad either. I can relax. I feel very good.

I continue to purge the remaining layers of this years’ spirit set ups and hardly notice that the calendar is ending 2017 in just a few short weeks. I am looking forward to the new year as it brings me a special time. I have finally made it to 2018. This next year will see the end of all negative legal remnants of the past 10 years.

In August of 2008, I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and immediately became debt-free. I remain debt-free to this day. But, that information has been on my credit report consistently for 9+ years. Next year, by August 2018,  it is removed automatically. I am assured that a huge layering of spiritual matter will purge throughout this next year, 2018. It means the end of that negative time I lived through. It is really almost over… 

As a result of that 10th year coming right up, my credit report will go from fair to very good. That is all I am waiting for right now. I plan on becoming a homeowner once again. I know this is going to happen. I will have my own place. It will be a very good place too.

My goal is still the Palace of the Universe and though it seems impossible and surreal, I am not letting it go. It is going to happen. The spirits know too. I have seen other elements of Palace of the Universe listed in various places on the internet. Those references to a palace is nothing like what I am talking about. My Palace is real and beautiful. And not spiritual at all.

The Universe will assist with this endeavor as I continue to be in control of the spirits. The Universe will allow only the right things to happen. The wrong things do not happen anymore for me. I have a very simple and safe life now. I continue on through December as this year ends quickly and another year begins. My year, 2018.