From Psychic Nurse Healer to Universal Healer to Universe Family Healer: My Amazing Story!

My blog represents my personal experiences as I healed through all of my spiritual layers. My blog demonstrates how I changed and became more real and powerful every year. I could easily submit my experiences as a phenomenological research report, but that is not going to happen. I am way beyond all of that.

December 15 marks the 3rd anniversary of Healer’s Blog. If you have the time, you can read what I was saying back in 2013. It is still pretty much the same now. I have reached my final status in our Universe. I cannot go any higher. I cannot purge out Universe Family Healer. I will always be the Universe Family Healer.

Most people who read my words are still way below me in spirit land and will remain there. Those people simply cannot remove their spiritual barriers. They do not really want to anyway. Most humans today are more spiritual than real. They have become like robots or machines. Their feelings are gone. Their bodies are completely saturated with spiritual energy.

Feelings make humans very powerful. When you have feelings again, you are a Universe being. Trust your own feelings. Do only what feels good. Leave the negative world and never return. The living world becomes bigger and more stable. Life continues for Universe beings. Life ends for spiritual beings.





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