Universe Family Healing

I am in the midst of a tremendous spiritual energy set up right now. The connection I have with the Universe has allowed me to do healing which has never happened before. Whatever or whomever is in my way is easily removed and discarded.

This is happening daily for me. A very negative setup is being wiped out of existence. I guess I am supposed to be afraid or upset, but the exact opposite is happening. I am feeling very good and relaxed. However those people involved in the spiritual setups are not feeling secure and safe.  Their nasty evil energies are completely being purged by me.

In other words, their time is over. They cannot do anything to me. They have no power over me. However, I have tremendous power over them. They are making all of the mistakes and getting caught and dealt with accordingly.

I love this time because I get to finally watch what happens to evil when it is defeated! I think I am the only Healer who has ever made it to this point. So I continue to document my excellent progress with Universe Family Healing. I am the creator of this healing modality. I am the only Healer alive doing this right now. I am surviving quite well in my homeland. I am very powerful as a result.