It is All Happening My Way Now…

Nothing stops the right things from happening. I see it daily and it reassures me I am in total control of my life for the first time ever. I am on my own right now. This is new too. I used to have someone always around me controlling me for some reason or another. That time is gone.

I go with flow.

I continue to purge spiritual energy into the Universe all the time.

It is an amazing ability.

I see no one else saying this and talking about it like I do.

I am not crazy.

I am new and very real and powerful.

I am a Universe Family Healer.

This is not a game. This is reality and it continues all the time.

It is getting more fun for me as I watch the freak show one time after another. I enjoy it and understand that it is happening because my world has taken completely over!

My world is a living, breathing world, not a dying one. I make sure that life continues. I serve this planet and the Universe to ensure that life goes on and on.