This Is Really Happening, Just Like I Remember…

I do not know how to explain this but it is like I have already had a dress rehearsal for this stuff… I do not like it that way… I am going with the flow and that even seems illogical too at times… It is not the normal way I used to do things.. I always planned everything months in advance and was so organized … That is not how I live now!!!

The events going on now are like a prerecorded scenario that is playing out in reality…Somehow this energy field is trying to keep me under its control… Like a rewind of what I was supposed to be doing… years ago… Like my life I have already lived was not supposed to happen at all and the energies keep trying to correct its mistakes somehow, using me to do it… So, I move cautiously and only do what feels right…

But I still am not sure of the outcome even now… I go through the motions as carefully as I can.. I only do what feels right…That is all I can do… And life will go on as a result…

As I live through each of these days, I only do what feels right… for that moment.. I live moment to moment right now… What a different way of living this is… Maybe it changes in the future, but right now it is moment to moment…


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