Purging Spiritual Energy Into Our Universe: A Totally Real and Natural Phenomenon

I am so connected to our Universe! I can purge anytime, anywhere, but mostly from my home. I take a sunbath and let it all go. It is totally amazing and real! It is a powerful connection I have now. It has taken me several years to be this powerful. I doubt if there is any Healer anywhere else on our planet Earth who is doing what I am doing. I am pretty sure I am the only one.

Yet I remain largely unknown except for a few views here on my blog site. I am being viewed by people all over the world. I guess I am totally new to this world. But I am here and will stay. This world needs someone like me. Purging spiritual energy is not talked about much in this world. That tells me that this spiritual energy infestation is a serious problem here on Earth.

The fact that more healers are not explaining this purging phenomenon is very concerning too. They just do not explain things very well. But I do! I am going to make sure that all of this spiritual parasitic infestation is removed. I do this all the time, not just when I am working with a client. I purge day and night, 24/7. I do this automatically because that is how it works. Once connected, there is no disconnection. I make this once stuck energy move away from humans and safely into our Universe’s magnetic current.

All of the spiritual energies of our planet get purged because this spiritual energy is strongly connected. It is like a huge ball of magnetic spiritual yarn slowing unwinding and being pulled away from our planet and merged into the vast magnetic atmosphere of our Universe. There, this energy is recycled. The energy stays away from humans and is used to strengthen the bond between our world, the sun, and other planets. Universe connected humans will live on and ensure that life continues on planet Earth. There is never going to be a time again when spirits control our planet. They are done.