What is Spiritual Energy?

I have done so much purging of this stuff that I feel it is time to really  set things straight here. I know that most of this world was created spiritually.. And that is why it is in decline… Spiritual energy is not life-giving energy.. It is composed of minerals and metals and negatively charged substances.. It is a parasite, a huge conglomerate of microscopic bugs that feed on our minds and natural resources….. It is not good energy and should never be preserved.

Spiritual energy is not here to make things go right. It is a cyclic form of controlling substances that mimic our world and our ways. It has very magnetic like qualities. It can record sounds, smells and even visual things.. It can make you think you are in another world.. And these voices are there beckoning you to do things you should not do… Because it is so dangerous for the human being it must be purged completely. I suppose that is why I am the only one here or anywhere telling you this…. That is all I do.. I purge spiritual energy… It is that simple.. I do this constantly 24/7. There is so much of it to be purged…

So, anything spiritual is being purged by me.. And gradually the spiritual energy surrounding humans and this planet will be all consumed by the Universe. This completely eradicates spiritual energy out of existence…

If you do a search on the internet you will see these freaky people talking about spiritual energy as a “god giving” force etc.. These  people are all highly spiritual and negative.. They are only here to destroy our beautiful world..

Purging this energy is the only way to save our world… Otherwise our planet self destructs because the energies control humans to do bad things..

Now, as this purging and merging process continues and completes, those very negative people will all be dead and their spiritual energies that controlled them are also gone.. Those energies are purged and merged on our Universe and never return here…Our planet remains a living planet with only good people. Life continues with good Universe humans in control.

I am a Universe Family Healer. I continually purge and merge spiritual energy onto our Universe. I am here to preserve life on planet Earth. I will always be here.


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