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My website is a blog which describes my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. As you read through my posts, you will feel the power of my healing. I describe in detail my healing modality. I am a highly educated retired professional nurse but did not learn about the Universe until I left that professional life. As a result, I no longer acknowledge the nursing profession. I am way above the negative world of nursing.

There is a void in our literature about Universe Family Healing. All that is available is a lot of junk about spiritual healing and cleansing. That is not what I do. My healing process removes spiritual energy from the human body. There is not much information about this kind of healing process on the internet. I am filling that void by documenting my personal experiences with Universe Family Healing. I am providing a phenomenological document that is not available elsewhere.

Perhaps at another time this phenomenon was available to someone else. I cannot find evidence of this anywhere. I have learned about it as I lived through it. Scientists do not care about it. They will not talk to me about what I do. I am ignored by the scientific world. I do not care about scientists really. Much of what they do is highly spiritual and will be forgotten as time goes on.

I consider myself a pioneer. I am here to live and serve our living planet. I continually purge this negative spiritual energy mass until it merges with the outside atmosphere of our Universe. Therefore, it is not plugged up and causing more damage to the human planet. The spirits can no longer multiply and contain themselves now. Their system of living relied on humans being in their total control. Their parasitic lifestyle is ended, because spirits cannot live on their own. They must live on a human body to exist. Therefore these spiritual entities are a parasite. Universe Family Healing removes these parasites.

Real healing exists. I am proof that humans can purge their spiritual infestation and live free.

Contact me for your healing consultation. I can start you on your personal Universe Family Healing journey. You may discover that you are in the wrong part of the world. Be prepared for major changes as the spirit energy is pulled away from you and as a result you are relocated to a better place.


My email address is: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com


Thank you for reading my blog.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer