Universe Family Healing Is the Future Of Our World

The old ways are stopping now. The old spiritual set ups do not work anymore. I have successfully stopped all of the spiritual games from completing in my world. I have done everything. I feel it and know that this is the end of the spiritual time for us. I have a universe connection that is so real and strong, it simply wipes out all the negativity around me instantly. As the negative energy arrives it is pulled away and gone. I forget about it really.. And go on and do whatever I was doing. The bothersome energies of the spirits do not exist in my world. I have made my world so safe and calm…

Now, who else can say these things? Most of the human race is caught in the spiritual web and is clueless to what is really going on… But, not here where I am. Universe Family Healing is intact and constantly purging and merging spiritual energy onto our Universe. This is normal and routine now for me. It is how it is supposed to be on this planet..

I am certain that this is the time for us, the time for real Universe Family Healers on this planet..And we will be all living in Yuma, AZ. That is where the real Universe Family Healers live now. And it is permanent!

I can feel it and know that we are safe again. We are not involved in any spirit games. We can live here comfortably and safely. We can purge and merge spiritual energy without any interruptions. It is the life we were to meant to live and we are finally living it. And as a result, my family everywhere is doing the same thing too. We are purging and merging all of our spiritual energies. So, nothing bad happens to any of us ever… What a reality this is!

Universe Family Healing works, one family at a time. Once your family is really purging out their spiritual lives, you can feel safe again. You will adjust to a natural and easy way of living. You will have a stable and permanent home.

Your life will become less technical and more natural, but that feels good. You are surrounded only by your real family members and that feels good too. You have no worries because you are living with your real family, and therefore nothing ever goes wrong..

The spiritual games do not work in a Universe Family..  So, family by family, the universe’s real world grows and lives. Universe energy is all that exists here in my world. It is the future. It tells me that the future is real and stable.

Spirituality is gone forever. Spirituality was here, once upon a time, but that time is over…..Good bye to all those spirit games and people who played them. They died and their spiritual energies are purged and merged and that removes spirituality more and more… It is that simple really…

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Universe Family Healing services are only available here in the Land of the Sun: Yuma, AZ