The Spiritual Game is Called Workplace Bullying: Are You a Target?

This game is what goes on all the time in the workplaces of today. There are the bullies and the targets. I see the bullies as devils and the targets as angels… Sometimes it is hard to see the real devils in the workplace but it becomes easier to determine this as you purge out the spiritual energies there. Then, it becomes fun to retaliate back at the spiritual fools.. It is simple to see what is really going on and very easy to get even.. When this happens, the devils fall down and turn tail as they walk away from you, never to interact again. They cannot handle the truth from a real angel! When the devil bullies are defeated, you have control over your work world again.

Telling the truth is the only way to destroy devils. The truth is a powerful weapon against evil. Never let the truth be hidden. It must always be right there in front of everyone, out in the open. Scams and shams are highly spiritual games that are easy to get rid of too. Telling the truth opens all the doors in your world. It is like a “get out of jail free card” from the Monopoly game… Tell the truth at your workplace and see the bullies run away scared, frightened, and weak.. Their powers are only spiritual and universality is way more powerful that spirituality… Did you know that?

That is why becoming universal is so cool and fun. You do feel the power of being universal when you tell the truth out loud. You instantly know what to do and do not go “overboard” either. You do what is necessary and then back away. Then you can watch the reality show unfold right before your eyes. That is the fun part of becoming universal… You are more powerful than you know… And this feeling gets stronger every day now…

If you feel like a target in your workplace, you are! But, as you become more universal, you can easily deal with any workplace situation that arises…

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