Universe Journeys are For Spirits

Humans do not go on “journeys” anymore. We were once made to follow “spiritual paths” and live complicated existences. These spiritual journeys were not real. Once humans purge out their spiritual sides, their spiritual time ends.

Now, this does not mean we go on Universe journeys. All of that journey stuff is spiritually made and only meant to confuse people. The Universe does not require us to do that. We make our own decisions based on how we feel. The Universe is not a human. The Universe is just a vast system of magnetic energy patterns.

I do know that when spirits are purged on our Universe time, they are done. They have no time left with humans. Now, we can call this a Universe journey for spirits, but humans stay here on the planet. I know there is much talk about finding life somewhere else out there, but that is a spiritual creation. The scientists are trying to stay in control. They are forecasting doomsday now. It is really quite ridiculous. But that is what I am seeing. Scientists need to purge out their spiritual infestations too.

All that happens is spirits are purging and leaving our planet. Spiritually infested people are panicking and wanting to do something. And the media writes everything they say as if it were the truth. But even that time is purging too, because the media is highly negative and spiritually created.

Once you see this it is easy to understand that our world became infested in a very negative fashion. And it takes time to release all of this spirit matter. Until that time concludes, we are very safe because we do not have to leave our planet. It is the only living planet anywhere.

There is so much science fiction about other worlds out there but all of those worlds died. And somehow remnants ended up here on Earth. That is why we have so many different races and countries here. I call our planet a refugee planet. We have taken on many alien beings throughout the ages. It was all done spiritually of course. But that is changing too. Aliens are highly spiritual and cause many problems in our living world.

Humans stay put. Spirits leave on their Universe journey and never return. They are being effectively kicked out of our planet. They will have a very hard time getting a new place to infiltrate. It simply will not happen. Only purging and merging this entity out in the Universe stops it completely. Universe Family Healers are in full control completely removing this invasion.

Universe journeys will eliminate the spirit infestation completely. It is part of the Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) which I created. You can read more about this at my PPPP post:


I write the truth. I am not a science fiction writer. Science fiction is just a bunch of nonsense and will be forgotten as time goes on in the real world which is getting more powerful everyday.