Growing Food the Safe Way in Yuma AZ

I am sure many of us have read about the problems with the Romaine lettuce from Yuma and E. Coli that has been in the news for several weeks. The scientists are stumped. They cannot figure it out. I do not talk to them though because I know they would not listen to me.

So, I will blog here about growing food safely. I do it here in Yuma, AZ. I am doing it with very little resources but I am growing food safely and eating it everyday!  I have no problems with the food that I grow. I eat my homegrown tomatoes on my salads all of the time. I have also grown a few sweet peppers and basil.

I use only organic fertilizer that has been properly pasteurized. It is called Espoma Organic Garden-Tone Herb and Vegetable Food. I know it is not going to cause me any harm. In fact, it is exactly what my plants need to grow healthy. There are many very good organic fertilizers available today. There is no reason why a bad fertilizer should ever be used when growing food. 

Now, back to the news. No one has talked about the fertilizers being used in commercial food growing these days. It seems that they have just conveniently forgotten that whole thing. But I can surely remember the days when I smelled the manure that was being used on the fields in large quantities. Now, maybe that could be a direct source of the E. Coli problem. Manure is not a safe fertilizer at all but it is still readily available and probably very cheap these days.

I know the importance of using a safe fertilizer for growing food. I want to someday soon grow more vegetables and fruits here in Yuma when my family is intact and back together again. We know exactly what  do about growing food safely. We will have a very beautiful food garden. We will not have to depend on those commercial food growers ever. I do not trust them at all.

Universe Family Healers will always grow food and stay healthy. The people of this planet need to know that growing food the safe way is the only way to live.


Golden Sunray Tomatoes Are Ripening

Earlier this year I posted a few times that I was growing food in the Sonoran desert. Though I experienced an extremely hot summer, this one tomato plant survived! It is Golden Sunray and right now the tomatoes are ripening up. I am very happy that I successfully grew food this year.

I am the only Universe Family Healer to have done this so far. It is easy to grow food here. And so it is easy to live here. Mass production of vegetables continue in this area, but, I can also grow food the safe way, without chemicals. Warm winters allow food growing all year long. Year round food growing makes Universe Family Healers very happy.



Growing Food in the Sonoran Desert

I will be successful! My sprouts are all doing very well. I have sprouted sweet basil, tomatoes, and peppers. They are doing just fine indoors. Right now they are on my window sills getting some sun and fresh air. They will remain inside until I am able to plant them outdoors later in May. This is so much fun for me. I was successful with growing food in Northern California, but now I live in the Sonoran Desert. This is my homeland. I will grow food here.

I have sprouted the following tomatoes: Gardener’s Delight, Golden Sunray, and a new variety called Bradley. I have sprouted the following sweet peppers: Emerald Giant, Banana, and Cubanelle. I always purchase my seeds from the website, a very good place to purchase healthy, organic seeds on the Internet. They state this very clearly:


I love growing food. I love sprouting seeds. It is a very fun activity. And the results are delicious and nutritious.

I have a little picture below of some of the sprouts right now. But right before my eyes they will double in size and continue to get bigger. Amazing and real how plants can grow with simple products and a little bit of effort…



Tomato Sprouts on the Window Sill