Moving Forward and Leaving The Plasma Donor Center Behind

I finished this last spiritual setup today. There was no real excitement there. I knew it was over for me. There are some people who cannot stop going there and rely on that place for income. The technician gave me a buddy card to encourage more people to come in but I just threw it away later. I am not encouraging anyone to go there.

The plasma donor center is a very negative world. I have purged it out several times now and will see what happens as a result. For me, this setup is over and done. I will never go back there. I am sure that because I went there though, I will see major changes in that industry. For me, this setup marks the end of spirituality. There are no more spiritual setups in front of me.

Back in 2008, when I was really just starting to purge this spiritual energy, I was not aware of what was really happening. I was simply going with the flow. There was a song that was popular during that year called “When I Ruled the World”. Now, I know that the rock group who wrote this song was just doing what they always do, write songs. Yet to me, this song is rather interesting because it was the same year that I was purging out spiritual energy for the first time. The spirits were chanting, “On the Universe” over and over. To me, this song reflects the change that happened during that year.

A very large spiritual entity had surrounded our planet and literally was controlling our human planet Earth. The spirits called this entity Ray. I am not sure of the spelling of this name. Apparently this Ray entity was highly connected throughout the ages. It was like a spiritual tapeworm. It was very old and kept all of the spiritual worlds intact everywhere. Once I started this purging and merging process, these ancient spiritual worlds were not contained any longer and were put into our Universe. This purging had never been done before and in fact even today these spirits still chant over and over, “You are the first person to have ever done this”. I believe them!

I lived from those years to this day and I still remember that song and those times. I know that spiritual worlds prevented the right things from happening. Truth telling was never allowed throughout the ages. It was very easy to lie about practically everything and be in total control. Nowadays, because we are living in Universe Time, the truths are always expressed very openly in the public arena. It is very hard for any Rays in today’s world to be successful. All that happens is their little spiritual worlds collapse and they fall down.

As I have said before, we are living in Universe Time now. This means that our Universe, which has a very powerful magnetic current, is actively pulling all of the spiritual worlds away from humans. So, this process allows the truth to automatically be available. Humans like to know the truth.

Once we are in an established Universe Time, the spirits are done. They can never return and take control again. Our planet Earth is healing now and the humans who are in powerful positions are making the right decisions to ensure that we continue to have a living, healthy planet. The wrong people in power are removed and replaced.

Moving forward once again. It feels good. I understand and know so much more than I did when I was younger. I have my natural knowing and powerful healing ability. I know that only positive, safe, and good times are right up ahead of me.