Universe Family Healer’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Off of Credit Reports: 10 Year Wait is Over

This is so exciting for me. I posted on my blog a few years ago that I had gone through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in August 2008. It takes ten years for that to be taken off a credit report. Well that time is now. I have successfully lived through this time and now my credit reports are very clean. I just printed out my free reports on Annual Credit Report.com.  I can be so proud of that and relieved that all of the debt mess is far behind me.

There was a time when I had to use credit cards alot to survive. I was a single mom raising 3 sons. I had to do what I could to keep going. But at some point it was not working any more. I consulted with an attorney and spent the money to have it all take away from me. It worked, and it was so easy. What a relief it was to be debt free finally.

Now I keep going with a clean credit report. I am not sure how it works on Universe Time. I have no credit cards and do not want to assume any more debt ever. I do want to be a homeowner again. I want all of those things but I do not want any debt.

Debt is part of the spiritual world. It is a very huge and bad setup that has been around us for a long time. The spiritual world wants debt to be accepted as normal. But really the opposite is true. You should not be in debt to be normal. The governments of the world are highly spiritual and controlled by these debt systems and so it has become common place to be full of debt. But debt is not real. It just means there is no money available anymore.

I live in a real world where I am not involved with debt. I do not care about that way of living. It is highly negative and very destructive to the human body. It causes all kinds of problems for everybody. We must all live within our means.  Financial institutions rely on us being in debt. We can get rid of these financial places and live very well. The leaders of our world are not concerned about debt. They act like it is always here and OK. But during Universe Time, debt does not stay.  See what happened to me? I cannot remain in debt. It got purged. So a lot of things about debt systems change. The structure of the debt system is breaking apart all of the time. Soon, it will not function at all.

I survived my time in debt and the ten years of waiting. I can live now without a cloud of financial worry. I know that good times are ahead for people like me who know that debt systems are not real and cannot continue to control everything.  We will have a safer and more stable living time when the debt systems are gone. They are purging and that never stops now.

Being totally connected to the Universe is how I was able to purge my debt problem away. I purge the remnant of it around me today and feel good that I am totally in control of my financial situation.