Family Reunion Time Just Ahead; My Hidden Object Game Is Real

Today, May 29, 2020, I am republishing this blog post from last August. I am now closer than ever before to finally reuniting with my real birth family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

Yes, I enjoy playing those games. Playing hidden object games (HOGs) helped me through a lifetime of spiritual setups. I am now in the middle of my real hidden object game. I move forward each day and experience whatever is there waiting for me. I can easily deal with it, and not have anything bad happen! What a cool and amazing way to live. As the doors open up, I always make the right decisions on what to do. I cannot be mind-controlled to do the wrong things.

I live my life in Universe Time. Universe Time means that our Universe is in control and actively purging spirit worlds away from humans. Once my spirit world was purged, I began living in Universe Time. It happened automatically. I was able to live each day and do exactly what I needed to do and then rest. I am still doing that.

Universe Time does not stop and is always in control. The spiritual energies are purging all of the time and cannot reconstruct themselves and return. The spirits are not capable of doing that. Purging spirits into our Universe’s magnetic current completely eradicates the spiritual invasion. Once spirits are out in our Universe they are recycled and reused as they are composed of minerals such as magnetite. This recycling process helps our Universe become stronger and younger.

Now, I am the only human talking about this, and certainly the only healer. I am the one healer that has been able to start Universe Time, therefore, I am Healer. I know this and that is why I can blog about Universe Time. I just know all about this stuff. There is no other human documenting this time like me. People are observing the world these days and are not aware that we are living in Universe Time. Only a very few people have found my blog and understand what is really happening.

I want more people reading my words and understanding the amazing phenomenon of Universe Family Healing. Our world is safe and will not die as other planets like ours have in the past. There are no other living planets like our planet Earth anywhere. Those NASA scientists are just pretending all of the time that they see something out there. They are mind-controlled by their spirit worlds and in reality there is nothing there.

So, I play the HOGs and know that I am also in the middle of my real hidden object game. My goal is to find my real birth certificate and my birth family. As I move forward and uncover the details of my real life I know that I will find this hidden object and these people. They are all around me here in Yuma and soon they will completely understand what has been happening for a very long time.

I am sure they will understand that there was a huge spiritual layer of denial and trauma around them which caused this separation and disruption. All of that spiritual trauma layer is being purged. I am closely approaching the time when my hidden object game ends. Very soon now..

Images from my past:

Meadow Park
Stack of Shawls
Growing Food
Sunflower Surprise
Sweetie Pie
Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer