My Hidden Object Game on the Universe

When I was younger, I loved to read Highlights magazine and in particular, enjoyed the Hidden Objects page. It was really the only part of Highlights that I liked.  It is interesting that today, there are these HOGs- hidden object games. I have been playing many of them online because they are fun! I think I have played mostly all of them. There are many kinds of HOGs. There are spiritually based ones and reality based ones. If I was a HOG games designer I would definitely have some ideas for a great hidden object game.

I would have all the woman in the game with breast implants like actresses and models succumbing to breast cancer. I would have all the leading men with their toupees exposed for their gay lifestyles. I would have all the doctors  (surgeons and psychiatrists and oncologists in particular), being portrayed as flesh eating monsters.  I love that HOGS have already done this with the medical profession but it needs to continue. I love those games showing grossed out, decaying hospitals and crazy doctors performing unhealthy procedures. That is what they are doing right now in full public view, get it? Cutting women up and injecting poisonous chemicals into people is crazy. All they really have to do is purge their spiritual energies and they will really live but they instead perform these hideous medical treatments. Yuk!!

Now this hidden object game would have only one heroine. It would be me- Healer. I would simply come in to the game and purge out all of these spiritual entities that are keeping this messy Hidden Object Game going.

You will never see this game in retail stores probably, but spiritually I feel like I am in the middle of it right now. Whenever I read that some celebrity has “breast cancer”, I know that what they did was remove their implants, because they feared they would get breast cancer. And that is how they are explaining this change in their bodies to the public. And yes, the doctors go right along with this sham. The doctors only care about the money these days. They will do whatever they have to do to get it..

I know that when leading men are talking about getting married,  (and other male celebrities) it is just a cover-up for their gay lifestyle. Most leading men and celebrities are involved in this charade. Many leading women are lesbian so this works out very well for them too. A gay man and a lesbian getting married is actually very commonly done these days. They feel it enhances their public image. But we are not fooled.. We laugh at them!

In the past it was easy to fool everyone, but not now. It is so easy to really see and know what is going on and I just laugh at them. I know that they are all DYING soon.  I know that their celebrity status was only spiritual and not real. They are not real humans. Their time is over.. Do YOU people get this?

So, this Hidden Object Game would be very fun and easy to produce. I would love to be involved in this production. I would call it : Healer of the Universe or something like that. It would have these kinds of people: Princess of the the Third World, Ice Princess , etc. I could be very creative with the characters. I could go on and on… Will someone please hire me here? This is good stuff!!

But the ending is always the same. They are purged out because they are so spiritual. And that is my specialty.  I purge out all the spiritual set ups in the universe, no matter who they are or where they are. If they are spiritual, I purge them. That means political folks too. All spiritual set ups!

My reality game continues. I just watch and laugh as the Real Show goes on.. Maybe I will be contacted by a really cool HOG game producer in the near future. That would be SO much fun. But if not, I will still play Healer and purge out these freaks On the Universe.