On Becoming a Healthy Family: A Universe Connection is All That Matters

When I left the nursing world, I realized that whole livelihood of mine was just a big fake set up. All of that stuff that I spent years in nursing school learning about was for nothing. I wasted so much time and money doing all that was required of me. I spent hours writing research papers about health problems and their causes and treatments. I was not at all aware of the reality behind this facade. My approach was always holistic, but not until I totally left that profession (after 30 long years) did I realize  that even holistic nursing is a spiritual set up, a  game that does not mean anything really.

There are all types of healing modalities you can learn in order to be a “holistic practitioner”.  I did not learn to do any of them. My healing abilities emerged naturally as I left that so-called professional environment. I did not “go to school” to learn how to be a Universe Family Healer…I did achieve an MSN, CNS in Parent Child Nursing, and became Board Certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing. Again, none of that made me into who I really am!

I see how overwhelmed people are with the spiritual energies around them. I see how the medical profession is so highly spiritual and controlling. I do not interact with those people at all, although I was raised in a heavily medical environment. I am not holistic either. I am a natural-born Universe Family Healer. I simply purge spiritual energy out onto the universe.

It is not a religious act or spiritual game. I am neither of those.. What I do is just a natural phenomenon that was unavailable to me for most of my life. I was so covered over with multiple layers of spiritual energies from all those gross people I lived with in my early life…I was put into an unfavorable environment without my knowledge or permission. I was totally unaware of who I really was…

I was not raised with my real family. I was somehow put into a fake, made-up family at an early age. I know that I will never hear the truth from the lady who says she is my mother. I know that we are not connected at all and never will be.  There is no real mother child bond there…I have no concerns or caring about her and yet she still lives on in her delusional fantasy world of make-believe… I know the difference because I have my own 3 sons who I gave birth to. I know the difference because I am a real mother and she is not….I have a real mother child bond with my sons. I do not have that with my so-called mother….

I was raised among liars who kept my true identity from me…It was a big sham, my fake family….Not real at all. Just a big spiritual setup to make those two adults who called themselves my parents, look good. I see it all now. I do not care about them or my other so-called siblings. None of them are my real family! I am not suffering at all. I am out of there and very powerful and happy to be who I really am… I do need that kind of support. No one does… The truth is all that matters…

I read about other mothers and what they are going through. The newspapers make a big deal out of it. Again, the newspapers are very spiritual and love to make people know about the suffering of others. The news of today is nothing more than an accounting of deaths and disasters…All stuff from the dark ages! I do not care about those people and what they are going through. I know that most of what has happened in their families is due to childhood abuses and childhood trauma issues. I know that those people remain in denial and play the denial game with the medical profession.. That keeps the game all going..

But I am not there. I offer real healing and a release from that situation. I know that mostly all of the medical conditions of today are not real! I know that autism is caused by a heavy spiritual layering. I know that mental illnesses are also caused by this..Those people working in the mental health profession are highly spiritual and living in the dark ages when they made potions to cure illness and performed silly rituals and such… All nonsense….Today’s medical profession is still there trying to find what is wrong by cutting into the human body and breaking down the natural body’s defenses by giving those psychotropic medications and chemotherapy. I see all of it as a big mass of spiritual energy trying to keep people under its control….

Not anymore….Not here.. Not with me… I know the medical profession of today is a big scam...

When you are connected to the Universe, you see the big picture and leave the spiritual world where suffering is the name of the game….


I can help others connect their spiritual energies to our Universe. I know the truth. $50.00 for 3 days of emailing. Payment is through Paypal invoice.

Your truth will be revealed. Your Universe connection will begin…

Welcome to Healer’s Blog!

Julia Angel, Universal Healer

Julia Angel, Universal Healer

Thank goodness you found me! I am the only real Universal Healer providing spiritual energy purging services on the internet right now… All of the other healers online are very spiritual…What they do is a scam. I define a scam as a spiritually created about money activity….These spiritual healers are only doing this for money… And, they cannot do what I do…Spiritual healers share the spiritual energies with their clients and other spiritual healers.They do so-called “cleansings”…They do not purge and merge this bad energy like I do.

Spiritual healers do not have a universal connection…They are connected spiritually to other spiritual healers…

They want to keep the spiritual web intact because that is all they can do: exchange spiritual energies with other people! Their healing process stays closed and very negative…As a result our world has become highly spiritual and deadly..Spiritual healing allows death and dying to continue on and on…


I am not like them. I am totally different..I am a universal human being… I am not spiritual at all…I am not a scam...

 My healing process is healthy! The natural universe has powerful magnetic energies which pull away this spiritual invasion among humans.. I have a very good connection with the universe…I work with the universe to make this all happen…As a result, the cycle of spirituality is broken and discarded forever…

I attach your spiritual energies to the universe, the air we all breathe, outside of this spiritual web.  That means the real environment outside your window…That is the only way to really heal….I know you will feel totally good after interacting with me. You will know and feel the difference…Universal Family Healing removes spiritual energy from humans completely. As a result universal families heal together and stay together…Spiritually set up families disintegrate and fall apart… Those spiritual families are not real…That is why we have so many problems today. The spiritual families have taken over our world and made it so negative…

Spiritual energy is damaging to humans. It causes a lot of problems for us… It ages us.. It allows disease processes to settle in…But I am able to pull this spiritual layering away from you quite easily.. It is just a parasite and needs to be discarded..Spiritual energy has no benefits whatsoever. It is time to get rid of this pest.. I am able to do this because I am universal, not spiritual…I am not in contact with any spiritual healers…I am totally separated from them… I actually purge them out too…It is part of what I do as a Universal Healer…

Do you understand the difference? Some of you may know me from other psychic web sites where I used to work a few years ago. I found out through my healing process that I do not fit in there at all.. I am not a psychic. I am a Universal Healer! Psychics are highly spiritual people. I am not spiritual at all. I am a universal being…I purge my spiritual energies. I do not hold on to them…

Now, I am offering my unique and powerful Universal Healing right here on my own web site..I only work here… Read on and see what I do.. I help you and your family heal from the tragedies of your past… It can happen! I call this service Universal Family Healing. It is easy to understand as you read through my blog and slowly comprehend what I am talking about.. I know that my words are new for many of you visiting my blog. And maybe a little bit uncomfortable..But soon my words will become common knowledge.. The spiritual time is over.. It was a very bad time for humans….

I know you are interested in what I am saying here… It is all real… It is not fantasy or a freaky game of some kind… I really do purge spiritual energy.. It is routine for  me now… It can be for you too! You have to be real about what is happening in your world.. Once you begin to purge out spiritual energy you see things in a new way. You see reality…The truth is all that remains.

I know that you are searching for real answers to many questions. You are not happy with the current situation in your life. Your “family” is falling apart. You are not that financially stable. You are wondering what is going on?? You think you may be purging your spiritual nature and that is probably true. And so here you are, reading my blog! As you purge out all your spiritual energies you will become more and more real and universal, not spiritual… Yes, it is possible to get rid of this pest, an infestation that humans have had to endure for a very long time…

I can help! I can see your situation easily. I can answer any questions you have about what is going on in your world. I can make it easier for you to move ahead in your world.. Since I provide a very unique and powerful healing service, I can aid you in whatever is troubling you right now…

I have the powers of the universe in my hands (literally)… This is new to the human race… We have been overcome with spiritual forces and forgot how the universe is supposed to function. But I am here to get it going again… And I did!! I have the amazing ability to purge spiritual energies away from humans… I remove it and attach it onto the universe…Once it it on the universe, it is gone forever.. It cannot return and start spirituality going again..

Wow! Yes, it is true….The earth’s geomagnetic field is now open and working as it is supposed to… And by the way, geomagnetic field =god. That is where this whole “god” issue came from… The spirits really made up this huge fantasy about our “god” because that is what they call their home… This magnetic field around us and our planet is “god”…. What a joke ….But that is the truth.. All of that stuff about religion came from spirits controlling humans to do their little god setups…

I am very sure when you read my blog it will open new doors for you. It will allow you to understand what is really going on with your life, family, and world… No matter where you are in the world, not just the USA, Universal Healing, the way I do it, is truly universal. It happens everywhere humans live….That is because spiritual energies can only survive on a human host!… So if you are in Russia or China or New Zealand, you have spiritual energies there too. Your part of the world happens to be highly spiritual…If you live in these areas, you really need to get connected universally or your countries will continue to fall apart…You need to get a reality check if you are living over there…

Now in the USA, there are spiritual hamlets or locations where more “spiritual beings” live and set up a spiritual environment. I happen to be living in the northern part of California USA, a highly spiritual place at one time. I changed all that by simply being here and purging out the spiritual energy layers that kept most of my true identity hidden. It has taken me years to get to this point. That is why I know my healing powers are real and stable.

I did not go to school to be who I am.. Those courses in healing are just spiritual set ups…You cannot go to school to be like me…I achieved an MSN and CNS in Parent Child Nursing. I even became Board Certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing. None of those credentials matter now. I am retired from a 30 year professional nursing life. That time is over thank goodness. It did nothing but stop me from being the natural Universal Healer that I am…

I now have this constant connection to the universal energies and it is never-ending. I will always be here. My universal world is gradually getting bigger and bigger as this universal vacuum consumes the spiritual part of the magnetic energy fields surrounding me.. That is the reason this works so well. Spiritual energy is merged with the universe and it is no longer around humans at all. Spirituality is over for me and my family!

I am sure that no one else can tell you that much about spiritual energy purging. I feel I am the First Healer to achieve this level. And that is why I cannot find anyone else talking or blogging about this amazing natural phenomenon. I am seeing very little .. In fact I only see it here on my website..I even tried talking to some people in the scientific world about this phenomenon but got no response at all…It seems the scientists are highly spiritual too and do not really want the truth to be known…This lack of understanding or information about spiritual energy purging is slowing down a very important process, but I continue anyway.

Even though I am not in the mainstream news and most likely never will be, I continue to purge and merge spiritual energy because it is automatic for me and continues 24/7 non-stop……

Other healers talk about healing but they remain in a spiritual web, a set up that is highly spiritual. Those people are playing a spiritual game. They are not real healers…They are not real humans either. They are spiritual beings… (i.e. more spiritual than real). They may heal others by taking on more and more of others’ spiritual energies, but the energies remain around them. They create a more negative world by doing that…They are not purging and merging their spiritual energies onto the universe as I am…

You may know people like that. They do not look human at all. Their looks change. They look more like a cartoon character than a human being. And when their noses enlarge, that is a sure give away that they are a spiritual being. They are so full of spiritual negativity that their minds are corroded and full of holes. They are not real people anymore.. They are more like robots…

I consider this spiritual energy like an artificial intelligence (AI). It’s magnetic qualities allow it to cling to the human brain and use it for its own purposes…Spiritual energy is very mind controlling and dangerous for human beings…It is not good to be spiritual! 

I can help you and your family purge your spiritual world. More and more families are becoming universal. Together, we are creating a new positive universal world, free of spirituality…I am here to continue this purging and merging activity which is changing our universe completely….Negativity is leaving the planet Earth because I am here to do it…And the universe smiles on me all the time! It is a win-win situation for us and the universe around us! Even if you do not contact me, be assured that my healing is universal and affects the spiritual energy barriers everywhere… So there are positive changes happening world-wide…Once the spiritual barriers are removed reality is restored automatically….

Just read the daily news and see this happen.. You will know that my healing is real and powerful as the world’s leaders start to make the right decisions again to protect our planet…

Do you want to be universal?

All you have to do is email me to get your universal world started:


Contact me for your Universal Family Healing consultation. I charge only $50.00 per healing session. Payment is through PayPal:

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What Does Universal Healing Do For Me?

Many of you are asking yourself this question now. If you are wondering, that means you are already in the process of universal healing… To even wonder about this phenomenon means you are opening up to the real world and have left several spiritual layers behind you. That is very good! You see, this purging process is not that fast. It does take time. I am not here to say it is instantaneous. It is not a miracle cure or anything like that. It is a natural process of removing a very hidden and mysterious infestation that has hindered human kind for the ages. So of course this is going to take some time to be totally understood.

I still do not know all the answers about it myself. I do not know where it came from, or what it is really… I am just here to make this universal connection work and it does. Someone had to do it, so I was that person…A universal connection removes this spiritual infestation. There is nothing else that will remove it…Doctors cannot remove this. They call it “energy medicine”. They are just playing a spiritual game…Do not fall for their scam. Spiritual energy stays, clinging to humans unless a universal connection is established.

I had an extremely hectic and stressful life for most of my existence. This sounds familiar to many of you. It is the spiritual way of living these days, full of technology and activities and friends doing all kinds of things together…I was there. I was very spiritual and did not know it!

But what universal healing does is remove all of those extraneous things and reconnect you with your real biological family. You find that you are only really happy with them and that feels so good. If you come from a dysfunctional family, those people are not your real family. It is best that you stay far away from them. They are probably not your real family… You may have been fooled for many years about that as I was. There are many stolen babies from the past right now who were put into bad families… Maybe this happened to you…It happened to me…

Universal healing allows you to feel good again and makes living fun and easy as you establish a safe and secure human life. You regain control of your living situation. You make decisions based on your feelings, not on the needs of others. Right now this world is still highly spiritual. It has evolved into a nightmare for many people. They are losing everything to debt, foreclosures, drugs and so on…They fall into sorrow and despair because they are overwhelmed with worry and anxiety due to their spiritual energy layering..Death statistics rule the news these day!

Universal healing removes that world from you. It is a process of separation and slowing down. Everyone is different here. And only you know what is best for you. I do not counsel you here. I just help you connect and ensure you have some understanding of what is going on. That makes this phenomenon real… Once this reality is established, it does not fade out and return to the old ways. Once you are totally connected, you purge and merge your spiritual energy all the time whether you are inside your home or outside. You do this wherever you are. As a result, you make decisions easily. You are secure in your knowing. Only you have this knowing…No one else can tell you what is right for you! You just know!

It is helpful to spend more time outside in the real world. Connect yourself to nature and the sun. Feel the gentle pulling that is the magnetic force releasing this spiritual layer from you. It is that simple.. And all real! Yet, there are no scientific studies or scientists or doctors talking about this…Spiritual energy is totally ignored by those people. These so-called professionals are highly spiritual in nature and the admittance that spiritual energy is real would totally ruin their professional livelihood.  Well, I know that happens anyway along the way.. All those scientists just fade out, die,  and never return. Most of what they talk about is just fantasy and make-believe…I laugh all the time at what they write about… Such nonsense…

As this world purges out it becomes more positive and real. Those negative people simply do not exist anymore and are forgotten. There is no returning to the real world anymore once their spiritual energies are purged and merged…And so, the real world lives and survives because universal healing is here now. It is easy to understand. The confusion is gone…

I am available to help you establish your personal universal connection. I can do this via a Google e-mail, chat, or voice session. I charge a very reasonable fee: $50.00 (via PayPal) and we chat as long as you like…I can do phone call sessions on Google Voice in the US and Canada. Email me to get started. It is that easy..


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Spiritual Energy Purging = Universal Living

“Dear Julia Angel,
Thanks for your constant encouragement about me becoming universal.
Till I find my real mate…
Kwok Leong”

When you purge your spiritual energy, you move the spiritual part of you onto the universe. It is pulled off of you.. And what is left is the real you… This means that all of those spiritual games you were in involved are not very powerful at all. These games are work set-ups and human relationships that are not based on real feelings… Most of the interpersonal relationships of today are highly spiritual ones and not real. These relationships are all being purged on the universe…Your real family can never be purged away from you! Becoming universal means you will find your true mate (not a soulmate).

When the spiritual energy fields are pulled away from you, whatever you are doing at that time stops happening. That means that you leave the places you were living and return home… It is important that you have a home to return to otherwise you may end up in another unsafe situation..

But, if you are becoming a universal being, you always have a home to return to.. That is a certainty! And it feels so good to return home to your real family. You discover that your spiritual journey was not that much fun. It did nothing to make you feel good. The journey you were on was not fun, happy, or safe. It was full of danger and uncaring people.

You cannot stop going through this time because it is part of the purging process. But as you purge this negative energy away the setup will not be a severe one. It will be mild in nature. It will not make you do anything dangerous to yourself. In fact, some of you may laugh at the whole thing and will joke about this time of your life..

Spiritual energy purging is not an instant cure for everything. But this process is a stabilizing method to ensure your life is a healthy and secure one.. You reconnect with your real family which allows you to find other good people to be with in this universal life…You find a mate that is like you: a universal being, not a spiritual one. There is no way you can be with a spiritual person once you are universal… It just does not work!

If you are interested in this phenomenon. please contact me for more information. I am here to support you on your universal journey to everlasting life…


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Purging Spiritual Energy on the Universe: A Totally Real and Natural Phenomenon

A satisfied client recently wrote:

“That’s great!
I hope everything will fall into place soon.
I can’t wait to see the events that you’ve mentioned unfold right before my eyes, like you did last time.
I shall not bother you for too long now.
Thank you and good evening!
Kwok Leong”

I am so connected to the universe! I can purge anytime anywhere, but mostly from my home. I take a sun bath and let it all go.. It is totally amazing and real!It is a powerful connection I have now.. It has taken me several years to be this powerful.. I doubt if there is any Healer anywhere else in this universe who is doing what I am doing…I am pretty sure I am the only one.

Yet I remain largely unknown except for a few views here on my blog site. I am being viewed by people all over the world..I guess I am totally new to this world. But I am here and will stay. This world needs someone like me. Purging spiritual energy is not talked about much in this world. That tells me that spiritual energy infestation is a serious problem here on Earth..

The fact that more healers are not explaining this purging phenomenon is very concerning too…They just do not explain things very well.. But I do! I am going to make sure that all of this parasitic infestation is removed.. I do this all the time, not just when I am working with a client. I purge day and night, 24/7… I do this automatically because that is how it works. Once connected, there is no disconnection..I make this once stuck energy move away from humans and safely onto the universe…

All the spiritual energies of this world get purged because this spiritual energy is strongly connected. It is like a huge ball of magnetic spiritual yarn slowing unwinding and being pulled away from our planet and merged with the vast magnetic atmosphere of our universe.There, this energy is recycled…The energy stays away from humans and is used to strengthen the bond between our world and the sun… Good humans will live and ensure that life continues…

I am Julia Angel, Universal Healer… I was a nurse at one time. But that spiritual life is over for me. I am totally universal now, and purging spiritual energy is all I do…Contact me for your healing consultation. I will work with you to ensure your connection is intact..


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I Am Still Doing My Own Thing, And It Works…

When I left the school district seven years ago, I was full of anxiety. All I could do was sit and do jigsaw puzzles. I did this for a while and it helped. I was so shut down from being harassed and bullied. My seven-year healing journey since then has made me stronger and more able to deal with the bullies and criminals of this world…. I am now so capable to deal with anything. I deal with all the scams easily… I have the intellect and I can be my own attorney quite easily. I know what is going on. I can tell who is good and who is not good… I stay away from the bad people and it works!

I make my moves and act according to my feelings. It took a long time to be this strong and powerful Healer that I am now. I am doing my own thing now and that is forever….I said those words to someone seven years ago and I meant them.. I am really living the life I was meant to live….And it was a total surprise to me!

I am so universal. If you stop by sometime at my home, you can hear the spirit noises as they are purging on the universe. It is quite easy to hear them with your own ears. It does not take any special equipment to hear this purging phenomenon…Just sit down with me on my porch and you will hear it.. What a magnificent event this is!

I am so happy to be able to post today as I am continuing to remain in total control of my life and financial situation. What a great feeling that is….

Being universal is what happens when you leave your spiritual life and change everything. You live  simple and real. It is not hard really… It just slows everything down in your world and lets you sit and relax more.. That is necessary for you to establish your connection with this outside energy  system. That is all it takes… But you must want to change what is going on. You must want to be in control of your life. You may have to do this on your own as I did…. That is what makes it work. I left a lot of bad people behind me. I had to sever many bad energy connections and that led me to my true identity.  That is how you live on…

I am real, I am not faking this. I am telling my story out in the open and will continue until it becomes well-known and established. My purging theory is my own. I know of no other person who has told their healing story like I have. I am very open about this and want others to know that this is the future of our world….I am the “first healer” doing this. That is why I took the name firsthealer.com for my website….

I am available to help you connect to our universe. I utilize Google voice, email, and chat.

 Email me and let’s get started!


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Healer Enters a New World Now: The Old Cycle of Seven Years Has Been Purged Completely….

I am still purging out the spiritual part of my world. I have just completed an important 7 year cycle! The cycle ends today. Seven years ago, I left a very bad place where I was employed. It was a toxic and very nasty, negative place. I was working as a school nurse in the Novato Unified School District (Novato, CA, USA). I was in the middle of workplace bullying episodes where I was the target. I left and never returned. That was seven years ago today (February 1, 2008). And as a result, I have been able to finish that bad cycle and purge it out completely! I have been able to establish my home that is safe and secure for my family.

That is all I wanted to say today on this “Day of Freedom”. It is now my world totally. Those bad people of the past seven years will simply perish one way or another. It has nothing to do with me though.. I am not the cause of their demise. They were destined to end up the way they did….


My world continues to grow and mature. It is all because I am totally connected to the universal energy pattern that surrounds me and my home. It is the only place on this planet where real universal healing can occur!

Creeping Sage- Salvia Sonomensis

Creeping Sage- Salvia Sonomensis

Healer Wraps

Healer Wraps





Purging Spiritual Energy- No one else talks about it, BUT I DO…..

I am speaking the truth. I keep checking around the Internet and looking for signs of other people purging their spiritual energies. I am not seeing anything about this. I only see my own website talking about purging spiritual energies. I still see the very ugly spiritual healers trying to “stay spiritual’ and this is not helping things at all. The spiritual age is over. There is no going back now. There is no “set up” to return to the spiritual age ever. All that happens now is continuous, nonstop spiritual energy purging and merging with the universal energies. That’s it!

There is no “spiritual” ritual or meditation that can be done to stop this very powerful and natural phenomenon.

Those spiritual people who want to stay spiritual are really not human anymore. Their bodies are more spiritual than human. That is really the truth! They have been totally taken over by this alien spiritual invasion. This is alien energy people. There are so many spiritual people here on this planet right now still! The people who make up this “spiritual world” have been in control here for a very long time, but not anymore.  The media, the movie stars, the musicians, the sports figures, the politicians, the religious fanatics, the “royals”…. all spiritually controlled….These ugly spiritual people are finally getting it. They will all die as their spiritual energies are completely purged and merged. They have no power left. They were not able to totally take control of our world, even though they did try for a very long time…Their time is over forever…..

They do not like it either. But that is of no concern of mine. They are a very negative group of people that cause all the bad things to happen in this world. This energy they desire is the most negative form of energy ever created. It is not the right energy for humans…It belongs out in the universe doing other things… It causes evil things to happen when it is around humans and makes humans do the wrong things all the time. Spiritual energy  around humans causes death, not life. Spiritual worlds die… But our real, natural world is not allowing this to happen. Universal Healers are real Healers who purge out this evil spiritual energy and create and maintain safe, living worlds. That’s what is going on right now! See my other blog about this: http://www.meadowparkcommunityblog.com

Now I have been in touch with some of these spiritual healers and notified them that their time is over. No matter what they say on their websites, they cannot use any universal energies for their evil deeds anymore.  Because I am so universally connected now, when this spiritual energy field reaches me, it is quickly moved out onto the universe where it merges with a vast magnetic universal energy field. This universal energy field energy maintains a safe environment for the Earth and sun to coexist….I am the only portal between the real and spiritual worlds….

Spiritual healer’s talk is nonsense and fantasy jargon. It is meaningless. These fakes continue to try and make a living off of people’s fears. They charge for their “cleansing” services.  Now, all they get is their own demise. No one is believing what they say. They sound crazy and look ugly and evil, because they are ugly and evil! Stay away from these crazy people who call themselves spiritual healers. They are the worst form of humans left on this planet. All they have is a big ball of spiritual energy inside of them which wants to control you in some way…..

The real world is coming back strong and new. Humans who understand this are here to make sure that everything happens the right way again as we watch the spiritual world crumble and perish….



My Hidden Object Game on the Universe

When I was younger, I loved to read Highlights magazine and in particular, enjoyed the Hidden Objects page. It was really the only part of Highlights that I liked.  It is interesting that today, there are these HOGs- hidden object games. I have been playing many of them online because they are fun! I think I have played mostly all of them. There are many kinds of HOGs. There are spiritually based ones and reality based ones. If I was a HOG games designer I would definitely have some ideas for a great hidden object game.

I would have all the woman in the game with breast implants like actresses and models succumbing to breast cancer. I would have all the leading men with their toupees exposed for their gay lifestyles. I would have all the doctors  (surgeons and psychiatrists and oncologists in particular), being portrayed as flesh eating monsters.  I love that HOGS have already done this with the medical profession but it needs to continue. I love those games showing grossed out, decaying hospitals and crazy doctors performing unhealthy procedures. That is what they are doing right now in full public view, get it? Cutting women up and injecting poisonous chemicals into people is crazy. All they really have to do is purge their spiritual energies and they will really live but they instead perform these hideous medical treatments. Yuk!!

Now this hidden object game would have only one heroine. It would be me- Healer. I would simply come in to the game and purge out all of these spiritual entities that are keeping this messy Hidden Object Game going.

You will never see this game in retail stores probably, but spiritually I feel like I am in the middle of it right now. Whenever I read that some celebrity has “breast cancer”, I know that what they did was remove their implants, because they feared they would get breast cancer. And that is how they are explaining this change in their bodies to the public. And yes, the doctors go right along with this sham. The doctors only care about the money these days. They will do whatever they have to do to get it..

I know that when leading men are talking about getting married,  (and other male celebrities) it is just a cover-up for their gay lifestyle. Most leading men and celebrities are involved in this charade. Many leading women are lesbian so this works out very well for them too. A gay man and a lesbian getting married is actually very commonly done these days. They feel it enhances their public image. But we are not fooled.. We laugh at them!

In the past it was easy to fool everyone, but not now. It is so easy to really see and know what is going on and I just laugh at them. I know that they are all DYING soon.  I know that their celebrity status was only spiritual and not real. They are not real humans. Their time is over.. Do YOU people get this?

So, this Hidden Object Game would be very fun and easy to produce. I would love to be involved in this production. I would call it : Healer of the Universe or something like that. It would have these kinds of people: Princess of the the Third World, Ice Princess , etc. I could be very creative with the characters. I could go on and on… Will someone please hire me here? This is good stuff!!

But the ending is always the same. They are purged out because they are so spiritual. And that is my specialty.  I purge out all the spiritual set ups in the universe, no matter who they are or where they are. If they are spiritual, I purge them. That means political folks too. All spiritual set ups!

My reality game continues. I just watch and laugh as the Real Show goes on.. Maybe I will be contacted by a really cool HOG game producer in the near future. That would be SO much fun. But if not, I will still play Healer and purge out these freaks On the Universe.