The Power of the Twos

I don’t really like to refer to specific number days that much.  That tends to be a spiritual thing. But I will mention today’s date: 2-22. I know that the Power of the Twos has not been discussed the right way. There may be some ancient descriptions somewhere. In the negative world the spirits do not want the Power of the Twos to be well-known. I do know what this means though. I will post about it here today in honor of this date.

The Power of the Twos means the power of the human being in a natural state, without any spiritual involvement. Human beings are at the top as we know. We have the supreme intellect. We walk erect. We have two eyes, ears, hands, and feet. But, the real power is when two Universe beings unite together as mates. I mean a man and a woman who are both Universe connected.

This is where we are going with Universe Family Healing. First, the Universe families must heal. Then we can find our Universe mates. That is how it is happening right now. It never works otherwise. I have tried it and it does not work. I was the only one with a Universe connection. All that happens is a constant break up.

Only when both man and woman are really Universe connected can this bonding be real. I look forward to this time when we are all together with our mates. There is no marriage ceremony. That is all spiritual and unnecessary. In fact marriage is a very low-level bonding which fails all of the time! Ceremonies are highly negative events and not a Universe function.

I want the Power of the Twos to be understood the right way. I posted about it today so that is real and easy to understand in our healing world. There is no life alone forever. But there is a short time alone to purge out completely the nasty negative spirits that have clung to us for a very long time. Once those negative parts are eliminated, a natural bonding occurs which can never be broken again.