I have decided to post all of my past credentials and certificates here. I want you to know that I worked extremely hard to obtain them. But, as I have already said, I am retired from professional nursing. I do have over 30 years of experience as a professional registered nurse in the state of California, USA.

I retired in June of 2012 and will never return to that profession. I have said before that professional nursing was inhibiting my natural healing abilities. If you look up my name on the CA BRN website, it will simply say I am “delinquent” in paying fees. It does not say I am retired. But happily I am.

The nursing profession is highly spiritual and negative and totally controlled by the medical realm. I realize this now as I look back at how that profession operates. I am way beyond those times when I was a nurse. I am a Universe Family Healer by birth, and should never be referred to as a nurse now.

Please understand this and release those ideas that I am just another nurse who heals. That is not the case. I am nothing like those people. My theories are not discussed in any nursing journal. I had to live through a very long professional nursing career and purge it out completely to regain my natural healing abilities. I am not a nurse. I am Universe Family Healer.

CSUDH Diploma

CSULB Diploma
Holistic Nurse Certification

Clinical Nurse Specialist Certificate
Registered Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Retired Nurse Letter
Retired Nurse Certificate