Moving Forward Once Again; Real Family All Around Me

It is exciting right now for me. I wrote about looking forward to uniting my real family many years ago and it is finally happening. Amazing that I did this automatically. I just now realized that I have been healing my real siblings almost since I got back here to my homeland. One brother was actually a student at the high school I worked at for awhile. I knew he was related, maybe a nephew, but it turns out he is actually my brother!

Somehow he was taken from my birth mother as an infant and raised by a couple here in Yuma. He was diagnosed with autism and was unable to communicate with normal speech. Well that is all changing now. I know I heal away autism as it is just a spirit world controlling normal development. As soon as I met him I knew he was related and looked so much much like my oldest son. I even shared a picture of my son with him.

Now 4 years have gone by since I was at that high school. He graduated later that year, in May 2018. I left because it ofcourse got toxic and unsafe for me. I even got the case won in the AZ unemployment office who determined that the workplace was unsafe and so I was approved for unemployment benefits. Well It was a victory for me but I would much rather had continued working. It was a big wake up call for that high school district for sure.

Anyway, the reason I was there was to start my youngest brother’s healing. I established his connection to our Universe and immediately his spirit world began to fade away. I know that he is doing just fine but I really miss him so much. I hope that he finds me soon as my other 2 siblings did here where I live. Soon I feel that somehow he will make a reappearance. Somehow, at the right time. Hopefully that time is soon.

Automatically, my other brother and sister arrived here and lived with me in the current location. Now my brother has relocated to a place here in AZ to heal all of the way. He is a safe and doing just fine. He looks so much like my youngest brother! My sister lives right next to me now. All are now connected to our powerful Universe so nothing is going wrong of course. It is so wonderful to be so close to a real birth family member, my real sister, right now. I never had this time before, always with the wrong people and living in the wrong places. That will never happen again.

I am sharing exactly what happens with Universe Family Healing. I am not making this whole thing up. What I write here is reality as it happens. I am sharing the amazing and powerful phenomenon of Universe Family Healing and how it automatically unites a disrupted birth family. My birth family members are all moving forward today and every single day to make this happen in reality.

Alien spirit worlds are not in control of anything anymore. My healing has dealt with the spirit mess surrounding me and my family. These alien parasites are constantly moving away from us into our Universe’s magnetic current and will never be here ever again. I am 100% sure of that. No spirit world will harm or influence me or my family ever again.

Good riddance to all the spirit worlds!

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