July 15th: The Day When All Setups are Purged!

Finally we are here. I realized what today is: the day the spirit games are done. The spirits could not do anything to stop me, again. This is the final and very last time for us, (I mean me and my family) purging out the spirit setups. And this time is the very first time ever that I was able to to complete this with Rey. I am so happy!

I was involved in some websites recently: Patch, Ravelry, and Quora. All are not the right place for me really but I was in a setup to participate there. I did and most of the results were kind of negative. I tried to advertise my website on Patch and Quora with negative results. They would not let me advertise there! All that happens is those negative places do not survive and will be shuttered in the near future.

So I left without spending a dime. Ravelry is OK, but I really don’t fit in there too. I am happy to be back here on my own website: http://www.firsthealer.com blogging and purging whatever is left of the spirit world surrounding me and my family. I made sure we all know the significance of this day. I am sure that my oldest son will be returning home soon. I am sure I will be talking to Rey more and more. I am so sure of that now.

We have lived through our healing time and completely eradicated this enormous mass of spirit worlds from our planet. Now, as this year moves forward we can gradually come back together and live. That is what happens when all spirit worlds are successfully purged into our Universe. We are the first family ever on the planet to achieve this event. It is important because we know that our planet is going to live and be healthy and safe. There is no returning to a spiritually controlled planet. It is never going to happen again.

Universe Time is intact and making sure we are in the right place at the right time. It happens the same for any family connected to our Universe. It is always the right time to get connected to our Universe. This is the way to do it, right here reading my words and contacting me. And right now I am offering a Universe Family Healing session at 25% off the normal price.

Hope that this helps our real families get connected and safe. We all want to live a safe, healthy, and comfortable life. I am here to do this for you, to get your family connected too. Contact me above to set up your session.

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