The Long Road Home to Yuma

It’s time for all Universe Healers to come home. We have lived all over the place in our country, up north, down south, but the only place for us really is the desert south west of USA, Yuma, AZ. This is where we live and do our healing. This is the time that I have long been waiting for and now it is happening. My oldest son Brandon has been away in the far south of Florida but is now returning with tales to tell I’m sure. My other 2 sons, Garret and Logan have been living in the north lands of California and have done all that is needed to do there too. My sons are done with their healing adventures. They are done with their spirit setups and games. They have purged and healed and now they are done. My sons are very powerful Universe Healers. It is time for them to come home.

We are the first family ever to purge out and completely heal away our spirit worlds. It takes a very long time because we are the first family. We have done it because it is our responsibility to return the spirits to our Universe. No other family ever did this before, in fact, not even one person did this, otherwise the spirits would have already disappeared from our planet. Instead we have an extreme infestation of spirit worlds to deal with and we do the best we can, but we need others to do this too. It is not our sole responsibility to get rid of every spirit world. But we did get it going. That we did and we did a very good job of it too.

Now, I am already here. Brandon did come with me to Yuma, AZ, but could not stay for very long. He had other adventures awaiting him. It has been a very long 5 years. I have not seen my other 2 sons for that length of time. I know that the living apart was necessary for healing and I also know that there is a time when it is over. This is time right now. We are slowly reuniting again, as the First Family on the Universe, here in our homeland.

There is a long road to get here. But all roads lead to Yuma no matter where my family members might be. There are other family members who will be joining us. I am sure there are some other birth family members who feel the pulling to return home. I am here waiting and watching for this all to happen. I am stable and permanent. Nothing can take me away from my homeland again.

Please help in this endeavor to free our planet from spiritual control. We all need to purge out our spirit worlds and it is so easy and simple to get this done. Just one Universe Family Healing session gets this going for your entire family! This is the best investment you can make in your health and well being. There are no doctors or nurses who can do this for you. It all happens right here with me. Use the contact form above to schedule your healing session time.

Family by family heals, then we find our Universe Mates. My Universe Mate, Rey is almost done purging his spirit world so we can finally and forever be together. There are no shortcuts here. I tried and it just does not work any other way. When all spirit worlds are purged from a family, our planet is safer, one family at a time. Universe Mates are the future and the future is happening right now.

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