It’s Universe Mate Time Finally!

I am just making an awesome post about what happened today. My Universe Mate Rey and I did something really cool together. We always work well together and today was no exception. There was this black cloud of spiritual energy around him specifically around his head area. It was full of all the spiritual dark ages stuff like hate, war, and guns. I had some of this too since I had a very ancient spiritual world. You know the dark ages were never purged. No of course not! This thick negative spirit world has been unknowingly handed down throughout the ages to one man or woman. There has never been a Universe Time before so that is why it accumulated.

Today that whole thing has been purged away! I got it together here in Yuma and away it all went, far away into our Universe. Now things are going to get a whole lot better here on the planet. Watch for all the exciting changes that will happen. Now that the planet is really safe and healthy again all of the Universe Mates will be getting back together. Of course saving the planet had to be done first.

So you want to be with you one and only true love but things were always getting messed up? Contact me and I’ll take care of that little problem for you. One Universe Family Healing session will remove the problem entirely. It’s just that bad old spirit world getting in the way. No problem. My healing specialty just happens to be removing spirit worlds from the human body. It is so easy and simple for me to get this done.

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