Why Am I Thinking of a Palace In Yuma?

When I first arrived back in Yuma 5 1/2 years ago, I began writing immediately about a palace, a place where all the real Universe Healers on the planet will live. It is called Palace of the Universe. Is this just a spirit game or some evidence of reality that was suppressed for a long time. I am purging out a very old spirit world for sure. I am doing it all of the time and even though June 15 is coming right up, I know that on June 16 I will still be purging out that same old spirit world because it is that big.

So, back to this Palace thing. Was there supposed to be a Palace here? And if so where was it supposed to be? I am not sure really although I feel like it might have been built on the hill overlooking the Colorado River, the exact location where the Territorial Prison was built in 1876. A prison came to Yuma because a corrupt politician made it happen. The prison was supposed to be located elsewhere but somehow this politician managed to change everything at the last minute. The bill was passed with Yuma on the bill. That’s really what happened. It was not supposed to be here. That is why this prison came here and the location is very beautiful but it is a prison, not a palace.

So, as I am now entering a new phase of total stability at long last, I still wonder about that. A beautiful palace in the desert. I guess there might be a way for this to really happen but then palaces take a long time to build. They are very big and costly too. What would this Palace look like? I am not really sure, but it would be a nice place for Healers to live because we really need to be where the sun shines most of the time. And that is what it does here in Yuma, the sunniest place on our planet.

I am waiting and watching as usual for some signs of this to happen. Of course, things have to start small. Firstly there has to be a relocation of all Universe Healers to this area. That is taking awhile. Then the location. Well the prison is in the way right now. Maybe someday it will be destroyed because it not that great. I went there once to visit it and it is not a good thing at all. It might as well be torn down. But they made it into a state park of all things. Yuk! What may happen in the meantime is that we all live in the same neighborhood for awhile? This seems more likely and real. A neighborhood of Universe Healers would be so cool, seeing all of the goodness coming through all of us finally as we have purged away the ugly spirit worlds that had us controlled.

I see that there would be beautiful homes that are owned not financed. I see that there are shaded areas outside, enclosed patios for our outside resting and lots of greenhouses to grow food. I see beautiful flower and rose gardens. I see beautiful places all together in one area. That is what I see. I want this to happen. Is this how it happens? I guess I will have to wait and see but I am good at waiting for sure. I had to be the first Healer along with my son Brandon, a very powerful Healer like myself, to come back to Yuma and get this all going. It has been an adventurous and sometimes dangerous time but that is over and done.

So I am thinking of a Palace of the Universe still. I believe it was supposed to have already happened a very long time ago. But so be it, it can still happen. And that is what is going to happen here in my homeland in the Sonoran Desert. A beautiful place for Healers to live. As the waters return the gardens will grow and we will always be here purging spirit worlds and keeping our planet safe and protected forever.