Autumn 2020

Its finally Autumn 2020. I successfully lived through the long summer. Our temperatures are still higher than normal but I know that changes quickly now. I lived through my Summer of Love. I remade my Summer of Love Shawl. I reconnected with my Universe Mate. I survived deadly Healer Camp. I’m back living in the old neighborhood paying rent, slowly returning to normalcy again. I did it. It was a year of constant moving around here but I’m almost done, thank goodness.

Autumn starts today. The leaves will change; the temperature cools down. Everyone feels better and starts communicating again. There’s a sense of relief everywhere that the heat is almost over. I know this. I feel it. The intense heat is almost gone. I still cannot leave my homeland. I am here to stay. I hope that one day, I will see my Universe Mate again. Meanwhile I move forward here, help others as much as I can, heal my Universe Mate, and watch the changes.

As usual, I am healing a family. I live with a long time Yuma family in their family home. I make changes gradually in the right direction. Our Universe pulls away the spirit worlds that have controlled this home. I am adjusting too. I long for my own home again. I want to establish a family home here. I am going with the flow to make it happen.

The spirits are always purging away from me into our Universe. This amazing natural phenomenon called Universe Family Healing never stops. There is no off button and no way to disconnect. I am securing my financial well being through Social Security. I am making sure that situation does not go away. The Universe will ensure that Social Security continues to exist. I am not sure how that happens but I know it will. The bad people who I lived with, including my ex husband, are dying away. They will not survive Universe time.

I lived half of my life time, over 30 years, with a very evil man. That man is dying now. He cannot go on and live anymore. His crimes against me and my sons put him away forever. He cannot escape what he did. All of that time with me did not heal him into a good man. I tried but of course that’s not how things happen on the Universe. He will fall down all alone, die, and be forgotten. Evil men cannot be healed into good men. I found that out. It simply does not happen.

Autumn is here now and we all smile and relax again. Fun times are right in front of me. I am making sure I did everything to stabilize a happy future for me and my family. We will all be together and live here in Yuma. We will create a beautiful Palace of the Universe out of these Yuma junkyards. It is going to happen now. We cannot be stopped. The evil is defeated. I lived through it all and my Universe Mate, Rey, finally made it to Yuma. We will be just fine. Do you hear me spirit world? We are just fine!

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