I Live on Universe Time; Transitions are a Part of Universe Time

That means, I live everyday connected to the Universe. Everyday is new and different. On Universe Time, I just do what needs to be done for that day. It is easy to live on Universe Time. Most people are not like me. But many can be on Universe Time. I am not being controlled to to do anything. I do only what I feel like doing. That is the big difference between a spiritual life and a life on Universe Time.

I have lived through many Universe Time Transitions as I said before. I am experiencing another one right now which has to do with employment. I am in the process of a major change in employment status! It is an exciting time for me. I do not rely on my healing of others for my income. That is something only spiritual people do. I am not a spiritual healer or psychic, yet I know a lot more than those people ever will! I can certainly counsel people if they have questions but I do not expect payment. Now that is just fine with me. I would rather have a real job with excellent income than rely on being an advisor on some weird psychic web site.

That is why I have my blog. It is totally free to browse and read at your leisure. I can answer questions too. But I find that as people become Universe connected, they already know their own answers. They lead themselves depending on how they feel. I encourage everyone to do this all of the time.

I do not get in the way of someone’s healing. I let it go and see what happens. I like to observe healing process in action and not be in the middle. I know that I am securely connected to allow this healing to happen, but I cannot make changes or direct it. Universe Family Healing is just a one way flow of spirits onto the Universe. Once a connection is made it cannot be broken.


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