A Ten Year Cycle is Complete!

Today, February 1, 2018, marks a very important 10 year anniversary. It was on February 1, 2008, that I voluntarily left a toxic work environment. I have a very good blog post about this date in which I marked a 7 year cycle ending: https://firsthealer.com/2015/02/01/healer-enters-a-new-world-nowthe-old-cycle-of-seven-has-been-purged-completely.

Amazing that I have lived through these times. I am documenting that on this February 1, 2018, I am actively employed and living in my homeland. I have full control of my money. Three years ago I was calling my healing modality, universal healing. That changed over the past three years. I am a Universe Family Healer. I practice Universe Family Healing. On the old post I show a picture of my Healer Wraps which I donated to the Second Chance Store here in Yuma, AZ. I still crochet my wraps but they are only for me. I no longer grow Sonoma Sage or California Rose. I now grow only food.

Changes happen all the time on the Universe. Read the old post from 2015 and you will feel the warmth of the purging. It is that easy to get rid of those spirits now. We are not held captive anymore. Three years ago, I was still caught up in the California Dream. I thought I would be there in California forever. I was so sure I would never leave. But it happened anyway. I left California over 2 years ago.

I now see it all. I know that I am never going to ever experience those ancient evil days of workplace bullying and toxic work environments again. My “Day of Freedom” is always going to be in control and never will be purged away. It is not a spirit setup. It is simply the Universe doing the right thing forever.


Golden Sunray Tomato


Gardener’s Delight Tomato

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