Intimate Human Relationships are Nasty Spiritual Games

I have not blogged much about this topic recently, but I feel it necessary to update my website and post once again about intimate relationships. Because it is such a powerful Universe Time, the intimate relationships of many humans are breaking up. This is only due to the fact that their relationships are set up spiritually. Once that energy field is released and purging on the Universe, the relationship setup ceases to exist. It simply fades away. In addition, other relationship setups that are waiting to play out also purge on the Universe. This is because all of those relationship set ups are negatively connected, one after another.

So, it is a very good time for humans. We get rid of all those spirit setups that constantly try to invade our personal lives. Once those spirits are removed permanently, our intimate relationships become real. And this allows good changes to happen. It will be interesting to see what happens with human intimate relationships in the future.

This purging is an automatic occurrence. And while the purging is happening, you don’t even miss not having an intimate relationship. In fact, you can laugh at those who are still highly spiritual and caught up in their negative lives filled with constant drama.

I see this all of the time. I observe how these people act and what they do to continue their negative existence. I do not talk to them. I simply see it and know that I am very far from those times. I was once entrenched too, but I got out of that deep dark hole. The Universe became strong enough to pull me away from those devils and demons interested only in unsafe and unfeeling negative relationships.

For now, this is all I can say about intimate relationships. I am not involved in discussing anyone’s intimate relationship. I made a post about this over 3 years ago on my blog ( I still feel the same way. Nothing has changed for me. I am on my own, doing my own thing. That is why I survived and continue to live free in my homeland.