This is My Target Store

I sit here at Target right now with the sun in full view. This is my Target. All of those other Target stores in California were not really mine. Those other stores were just part of a bad dream.

My life is here in Arizona. My dream life was in California. I achieved a lot in California but that time ended 2 years ago. I keep track of the times as it means that I am really living and not dying. I left California because it was trying to kill me.

That is all gone.  By leaving the California Dream, I am able to live and sustain myself easily and safely. I cannot fall down here in Yuma. I am able to break up all nasty negative set up situations quite easily and walk through them. Those disgusting people stay behind in the background and are silenced. I hardly see or hear those nasty negative ones anymore.

The California Dream is fading  away now for many people.

This city has everything I need to live. It is not just an old dusty desert town. It is really a big secret how nice it is here. Soon I know that the old dead people from the north (ie sun birds) will disappear too. Right now this place is full of them, trying to use Yuma as their second home.

It will not continue.

Sun birds will become a thing of the past. They will not be allowed to leave their country and flock down to Yuma AZ. They will have to go elsewhere to live out their useless lives. The Universe is taking care of that disgusting situation every time they come here. How does that happen?

The Universe purges them in Yuma. They will not return.

The greying of Yuma stops. The Universe clears out all of the grey problem.  The Universe will make our town beautiful and young again.




Mr. G’s Restaurant, Yuma AZ

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