My Hands Are Purging, My Hands Are Still

I have noticed a tremendous change in my activities. I cannot do the same kinds of things I was doing in years past. I used to be involved in many types of craft activities. I loved needle crafts especially crocheting. I did them all as a young girl, sewing, latch hook, knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch, and crocheting. Over the past ten years my hands were crocheting alot. It was funny how this activity suddenly started up again. I am very skilled in these areas, but I simply cannot do them now. My hands must be still.

In other words my hands must rest.  This allows the energies inside of them to release to the Universe. Otherwise those energies stay with me. I cannot let that happen.

I blog one time per week. I do not crochet at all right now. I have packed up all of my crochet hooks and put them safely away along with the shawls I made recently. I let them stay put. I will not take out a crochet hook for any reason. I may start crocheting again at some point in time, but for now I have stopped.

It feels good to let that time go.

I garden. I am growing food here in the desert. My first attempts were barely successful. The high heat was not kind to my vegetables so only one plant survived. The basil did extremely well though. The one tomato plant, a Golden Sunray, is now growing again. This plant survived high heat over 100 degrees daily for 5 months! Now it is growing and budding like no big deal.

Currently, the temps are in the low 80s here. It is beautiful in Yuma. I am planting the rest of my seedlings outside this weekend. I have put more basil and tomato seedlings outside today. I planted sweet and large leaf basil, Gardener’s Delight, Bradley, and Golden Sunray tomatoes. Tomorrow I will plant the peppers. I have Emerald Giant, Banana, and red and green bell pepper sprouts eager to be in the ground.

I will have a great amount of joy watching these tiny plants grow outside in the warm sunshine. Now I will only have to water them a little bit every day.

That is my reward for living through an intense summer heat without air conditioning. I instead kept my windows open all of the time. I am hoping to transform the outside environment to a more year round temperate one. I hope the intense heat of summertime fades away as a result of purging spirits into the atmosphere here.  It has never happened before so why not? No one has ever done this before. I am purging spirits 24/7. These spirit energies can change the weather patterns in other places so why not here? Spirit energies in the outside atmosphere will create a more balanced climate here in Yuma, AZ. I am sure of it.





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