Spirit Purging is My Healing Specialty

I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge spirits. I do not let spirits stay around humans. I do not play the spirit games that other healers do. I do not “cleanse” spirit energy. I purge spirit energy. This phenomenon is amazing. The spirit sounds are constantly moving outside my window as they were in Marin County, CA. The purging speed is almost as intense, nonstop, and never-ending…

I am home now in Yuma AZ, so I am able to continue my natural healing abilities because I am right where I should be. I live where the sun shines almost every day. This is a very difficult environment for spirits to live in. It is the perfect environment for me.

It has taken me many years (55!) to return home. I was born here, but not raised here. I was taken away by a very spiritually controlled couple who wanted an instant family. They were not my real parents. I was never aware of this atrocity though. It took me years to finally understand what was going on and be able to return to my homeland.

All of that is well behind me. I am confident and independent in my living arrangements. I do not rely on a man to support me. I am clearly free of all of that commitment stuff. Most men these days remain highly spiritual and very negative. Men in particular need to heal away their many layers of negative spirits. It will happen but takes time.

I am comfortable and safe. I can do as I please. I am secure financially. I have no debt. I know that all of my family is safe and secure as well. We are doing just fine. Spiritual purging continues without any interruptions. Our world becomes safer all the time because real Universe Family Healers are alive getting rid of the negative world of spirits.

Even though there is a large amount of spirituality activities still occurring in this world, the Universe is slowly removing them. Those highly negative activities are ending. The energy which fuels those activities ends up on the Universe, far away from humans. Therefore, those negative activities cease. That is how our living world survives and becomes more and more positive.