Universe Family Healers are Not Famous

Fame is a product of the spiritual world. It is how it is able to keep itself alive.. So, as fame disappears from this planet the spirits allowing this negative set up will also disappear. It is happening right now but we are not treally noticing it much. It is a gradual process of decline. All of a sudden we do not hear about certain famous people and this continues and actually happens faster and faster in the coming months.

The media is the mechanism to keep fame going. The media gradually declines too as less and less people watch media in all its forms. The media is highly spiritual and cannot continue without its spiritual energy.

As you read this you know this is true. Fame is not important for humans. It is only important for spirits. That is why this world was built upon celebrity and famous people. Those people are all highly spiritual and are being used to maintain a spiritual world that eventually dies..

Universe Family Healers will never be famous. We do not like famous people or celebrities at all because they are highly spiritual and negative. We actually get rid of the celebrities one at a time by removing their negative energies so they are instantly exposed and the truth is seen.

This never stops .. It is a gradual decline for celebrities who used to rule everything and have all of the money.

Universe Family Healers are now controlling the celebrities… Watch as they continue to fall apart and lose everything.

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