My Hidden Object Game of Good Versus Evil On The Universe Continues, but I am Winning This Time….

First Published June 26, 2014:

(See update 10/28/15 below… and see this link:

Where did this spiritual energy evolve from? Was it always here, before humans? I do not think that is true. I only know that spiritual energy has never been removed from humans. There is this abundance of it everywhere. It all ends up here though in my home and then it gets released by me onto the universe. I feel like my home is the “portal” between the real world and spiritual world. Does that make sense? It does to me…

I mean, I hear it as it goes outside my window. It leaves my body and is pulled outside. It is amazing. “No time left” it repeats over and over again. My hands are very powerful too as I clasp them together. I disrupt an entire setup of bundled energy whenever I do this. I can do this at will and there is no ritual or religion here. This is a real phenomenon. It is not something that I rely on money to do. I can do this anytime, anywhere, and I never have to stop. I am here forever…

It is a huge wave of noise at times. I am surprised that no one around here says anything. It used to be quite loud at times. Perhaps these people around here cannot hear anything real, or are too afraid to admit what it is.. But what I do is very real. I cannot stop it either. It is such a good feeling to have this ability and know that it is allowing life to continue for humans.. I am in total control of the spiritual world now. I know that.

I have absolutely no fear. 

The spirits are not intellectual beings. In fact, they are stupid, and prey on humans thoughts and ideas. They create distorted set ups which unfortunately have controlled the human race for eons. I guess no one really knows exactly what happened to allow spiritual energy’s existence. But it is very deadly and a big mistake, that is certain.

There is nothing good that can be done with spiritual energy. It cannot be harnessed and used for good purposes. Forget about that. It is old ancient evil and the less of it there is, the more the real world takes over. Some people are so overtaken with spiritual energy that their appearance changes. They look spiritual, bloated and distorted. Their human features change. Their noses grow, literally. You have seen this of course. It just means those people have not purged out their spiritual energies and, as this continues, those energies cause their death. It is very simple once you understand that spiritual energy is real and exists.

I am purging this massive amount of energy constantly, so instead of harboring this energy in my body, I release it and there fore I will not die. I will not age and have bloated features on my face. People who read my words will either start purging as a result or shrink away and die. That is what my words do for them. The reality of spiritual energy purging is here now. No one can deny it for very long…

This knowing must account for my good feelings and total lack of worry these days. Life flows. Life is easy and simple. The basics are all covered easily!

I never expected this at all. I never had any idea I was this powerful Healer. I was never told this by anyone. I was never in the right place until now.

I know I will be turning 56 years old soon. I feel my real authentic birthday is sometime in early July, not in November like this fake birth certificate says. It is important for me to get to the truth about this because so many lies have covered up the true me. I feel like I am in the middle of a huge hidden object game (HOG) right now. I am searching for important documents that are so difficult to find. Criminals are in control of these documents that I seek. One is the Fuel Modification Plan, a part of my homeowner’s association governing documents. The other one is an adoption document.  And the final document I am seeking is my real birth certificate. In a spiritual set up game, there are always three things to accomplish- notice how everything seems to happen in threes? That is because it is a spiritual set up. I do not know why it happens like that, but it does. And it gets purged…. In the end, there will not be anything happening in threes, because the spirits and their set ups will all be gone…

I try to let it go for now but it is disturbing the amount of criminality that has occurred over the past several years. It all has to do with this spiritual energy which I purge constantly. I know that eventually, all the truths will be told, even those involving my birth and my true heritage. I am in search of my real identity and my real family. I know that in time my searching will  finally be over.

I feel like I am involved in this huge hidden object game on the universe. I am the great and powerful Healer who was stolen from her birth family at a very young age and raised by evil people. These criminals took away my true identity and raised me as a totally different person.  I have become the Warrior Princess right now still searching for my real birth family. That is where I am in this evil spiritual game. I have overcome the odds and I am in control of my life right now. I am going to expose the criminals who took away my childhood and separated me from my birth mother…And who are threatening the security of my home by withholding important fire safety information.

At some point, I will have access to these documents that I am seeking.  I will find the right people to help me. I will receive the support from others who are in similar situations as I am.  The criminals will all die for their evil deeds. Good Versus Evil is the name of this HOG. And this time, good conquers evil, because I made my way to Warrior Princess. I left those other “princesses” far behind. They are stuck in their little spiritual worlds while I moved on into reality..

When I reached Healer status in this game of spirituality, I won, even though it did not always feel like it. Healer is at the top. There is nothing higher than Healer in the game of spirituality, because, Healer purges the spiritual energy that allows the game to continue. . . Once Healer is here (me!), there really is “no time left”, and that is why those stupid spiritual energies repeat that over and over and over again, get it?

Update 10/28/15:

I have obtained the Fuel Modification Document! It is in my possession now and will forever always be with me in a very safe place….

Someday I hope to have the proof I seek of my real identity…I am still seeking this in this HOG on the Universe!

For now I continue to be the great and powerful Universal Healer of this Universe!

And that is real and true!

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