I am on Google Chat and Google Voice Right Now! Email me for a session appointment…

Using the Google Chat or Voice function is easy and simple. If you have a Google email account you can chat with me and have a record of our entire chat session right in your Google account to reread at your convenience! Again, I am available right now to chat with you. I charge a fee of $50.00 (US dollars) per session and payment is through PayPal. We can chat either electronically or on the phone…as long as you like! Yes this is real!

There is no time limit on my website. If you want to chat for 1 hour or 2 hours that is just fine. We will chat as long as you want to, until you feel better! No more sudden cut offs like on those other websites where you “run out of funds”. Just pay my fee via PayPal before we start and that is all you have to do! The price is only $50.00..This is not scam. I am trying to help as many people as I can get connected universally…. .

So, contact me by email and let’s chat a little. Don’t hesitate anymore… Reading my blog is not going to make all those problems go away. A chat with Healer will! You will feel so much better!


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