Healer Needs to See Action and Results From Spiritual Energy Purging!

I am tired of inaction. I am tired of boredom. What is going on in the Real World today? Lots of inactivity? But that will change soon. It is just around the corner too… Now I know that soon, a lot of things are going to be happening around me. Good things…. I feel that it is really in action somewhere but not in my direct view right now. That is OK, I guess.. But I like to see the results and that time is very close now.

In my part of this world, I work very hard at changing my immediate living environment. I am extremely focused on this activity. I ensure that the food supply is safe and plentiful. I ensure that illegal activities are dealt with around my home. I do not let a negative set up invade my territory. I just get rid of it. I am not an enabler like so many are. I am so bored with saying these things too, but they must be said again and again…

A real Healer has to endure so much but I always know that I can keep going because I have the power to purge spiritual energy. That is all the reassurance I ever need. The rest of the “healer world” does not understand what Healer does. That is because they are not real Healers and are not really supposed to be here. They are just players in a spiritual world that always dies away…A spiritual world does not allow their “healers” to purge spiritual energy. They only “cleanse” it. l left that negative world to be real…I do not cleanse it, I purge it…

I was one of those spiritually controlled healers for a very long time. I engaged in that world as a very busy and successful woman. But it started to crumble away. The successes were waning too. I had to deal with frank reality for once. I did what I had to do to survive, and it worked. I am purging. I do not read or hear about other healers doing or saying what I do. They continue to sound so stupid with all that spiritual Chakra jargon. They are not real….

Purging spiritual energy means outside it goes. Outside of your body! Outside of your home! That means I hear the energies around me being pulled and moving outside into our natural atmosphere!! It is a totally natural and real phenomenon. I am doing this all the time. It works so easily for me. No ritual jargon, no pretending at all. Just reality and the removal of a very magnetic, spiritual parasite being cleared by me, Healer….

That is the only reality of healing going on. Forget all that Chakra BS. It is not real people…Chakra healing is only a game and if you play that one you are dying…Those Chakra healers are fake and ugly too. You can see it in their faces how spiritual they really are. Stay far away from those Chakra healers…All they do is grab you and infect you with more of this alien mess of spiritual energy.

I am not like that. I am the first real Healer ever!


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