081414- Healer is Reporting On the Universe

Healer’s Blog, Earth Date 081414….

Healer here. I am still happy to report that the signs are all good. The Healers are coming together finally after so long a time. It was a very long time ago that real Healers were alive. Now it is happening again and this time, there will never be a spiritual world developing anywhere in the universe. That time is officially over.

The spiritual worlds around humans are all decaying fast and swiftly now. Their powers are fading away. Those people who are spiritually controlled are dying….That is because I am a real Universal Healer and really connected to the universal energies which pull this spiritual entity away from humans.

That is all that happens now. The spiritual infestation is clearing…the great mystery of the ages has been solved…no more hidden objects to discover, that game is officially over….”no more time” is all they say now…

That is all there is to report for now…


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