Purging Spiritual Energy is a New Phenomenon….Healer Does it…I am Healer

I purge spiritual energy. This means that the spiritual energy fields around humans are moving now and not stuck and rigidly set up. As a result, changes occur in the world. The negative energy is no longer controlling human life. The bad people are no longer controlling much of anything. They are finding out that their little lives are meaningless and unnecessary…. This awakening for them is their downfall and it continues in a long spiral downward until they are no longer among the living….

As the spiritual people die, the world is renewed and life is reassured. People will start growing their own food again in safe and economical ways. They will make their homes healthy and comfortable. The good people of the world always have been here but because of this negative energy network, have not been able to do much other than try to survive. That time is over now. Healer is here and no bad setups are in existence anymore. Good people everywhere are realizing this for the first time too and allowing their lives to change …

All of this happens because Healer is alive and staying at home. Healer purges this energy field constantly and must stay home and relax in order for this phenomenon to continue uninterrupted. It is the first time in the history of human kind for this to happen. If you are reading this then you may feel the changes are really here now. It is time to do all that you feel. It is not the time to hold back and be complacent or timid. Go forward in your homes and communities and take over the realms. You will not have any further difficulties now with this part of your life….

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