Healers Create With Our Hands and Change the World…

Today is a very good day. I was able to take an unhealthy situation at home and turn it right around. It involved this new planter box on my back porch. It is from the GeoPot company (http://www.geopot.com/). We ordered their largest size planter: 48x96x12. This is how they describe their product:

“The GeoPlanter is framed with pvc to give you a rigid, framed bed for all of your planting needs. It is UV stabilized for years of use in direct sunlight. All of the seams in the GeoPlanter product line are sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread that will withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.”

Anyways, the pvc part just did not seem safe enough for me. So, today I replaced all the pvc with bamboo. I placed some untreated 2x4s inside the planter for stability and tied the corners with some twine. I feel a lot better now that the pvc is gone from our food garden. It is so strange that this company continues to produce these planter beds with pvc… It is not that safe really. Bamboo would be the better choice these days…Oh well…

You can always have the kind of home that you want and make it the way you feel comfortable. I was able to do that today because we had these extra materials around here.  But it is not something I would like to do all the time. It just needed to get done today. Tomorrow the compost for this planter bed is coming from Sonoma Compost Company and so this planter bed needed to be in ready condition.

I took a picture of it and also the market bag I crocheted yesterday from Patons Pure Organic Cotton. This yarn is no longer being manufactured. Too bad because it is a very soft and beautiful yarn. I still look around the Internet for it…

Our GeoPot  Planter Box secured with bamboo. the pvc part was discarded.

Our GeoPot Planter Box secured with bamboo. The pvc part was discarded. The tomatos are awaiting their new home.

My Market Bag crocheted with Patons Pure Organic Cotton

My Market Bag crocheted with Patons Pure Organic Cotton

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