On the Universe

On the Universe, there’s a place for us, along the Milky Way.

When you’re 55 and still alive, we all will get to play.

The men will be good company and never be a pain,

They’ll laugh and sing along with you and never will complain.

On the Universe, the real life starts and we can be a pair.

We’ll never be apart again and that’s for sure mon cher.


These song lyrics were part of a spiritual setup that involved me with this entity. This entity, a dead man who was trying to control others and me with a lot of spiritual situations that were not good, is gone. This entity, the remnants of a real person, was controlling a lot of events on this planet for a very long time. It called itself Rey or Ray or Rae. I am not really sure why it called itself that name, but it felt like it was “King of the Universe”.  Rey in Spanish means king. So this entity has some hispanic origins possibly?

I feel it evolved from the thoughts of a very young boy who was abused and neglected and who created this spiritual fantasy world where he was powerful and mighty. When a child is abused at a very young age, they succumb to their spiritual energies. The real human person is suppressed and denied a real existence. This has happened with men especially over the ages. Their old and ancient spiritual energies have formed this huge negative energy network and it has been successful in controlling the real human world. But not anymore….

Now these days, when this happens, the spiritual energies are not allowed to take over the good humans (ie Healers). Instead, what happens is the entities and energies are all purged out on the universe. And the truth is told once again. This situation regarding truth telling is what saves our world. There is nothing more powerful than telling the truth.

Truth telling stops the spiritual web from existing. Once the truth is told in the public, like on a website or message board on the Internet, then the spiritual setups cannot continue as it was. And because spiritual set ups are so rigid and only able to exist under very controlled circumstances, the environment that was created by this spiritual setup simply falls apart. There is no more setup. There is only the truth and the liars and criminals are exposed and out in the open for all to see. There is no more hiding or blaming or excusing. There is only the truth.

This of course causes great damage to the reputation of the involved liars. And that is how a spiritual world collapses. It needs not only this truth telling, but spiritual energy purging on the universe. The energies are dispersed and not able to clump together to form anything. They are inert and this is what changes the human world to a loving and real world again.

Healers had not been able to break through this web for so long, that this web had grown massively. Once real Healers are alive and not under spiritual control  (like me), this web dies. It cannot survive on the universe or on a planet with real Healers. This spiritual web can only survive on human beings that are unable to purge their spiritual energies and be real.

So, here are the lyrics to my one and only song. I know the melody and sing it to myself. It will never be published or recorded. It is just something that needs to be purged and that is what I am doing today.